MA-10 Waiting Period Coho Report 10/8/12

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  1. As SeaRun Fanatic put it best: "Salmon jump for just one reason: because they don't have a middle finger!"

    Josh Smestad and I hit the salt yesterday to fish some waiting period coho. We successfully located a good school of fish holding near an estuary. The fish were very active with lots of jumping, rolling, porposing, and what appeared to be takes off the surface (not sure what that was about). We sat over them for probably 4+ hours throwing everything but the kitchen sink with NO hits. Being new to waiting period fish my fly selection is not as robust as I would have liked, but we threw a large variety of colors, styles, and sizes with varying retrieves and no success.

    Feeling defeated, we decided to try our luck at finding some SRC despite the slack tide. Luckily Josh has experience with SRC and was able to quickly get us in to some fish. Once in location, Josh managed to hook and land 2 SRC in the 16-18" range (didn't tape any) before I could even get a new fly tied on! Having only fished for SRC a few times with nothing over 10", I was pretty excited to see this! We proceeded to work the shore catching a number of fish in the 15-18" range and a handful of chunky 10-14" fish. Being a nice sunny day with clear water, we were actually able to sight fish to a number of fish and watch many follows in perfect detail right up to the boat. After about an hour or so the bite slowed and we decided to call it a day.

    Awesome fall day fishing the salt in t-shirts! Hard to beat that!

    I have a couple more pictures at home I'll add later. One example of the typical fish we were in to. Thanks for the great fishing Josh!


    Here are a couple more pictures. It's hard to tell but the one in the net is about the same size if not bigger. You can clearly see the bottom in the pictures and we were sitting in about 10-12 ft of water.

  2. Sounds like a great day on the water, in spite of the finicky Coho. I have yet to encounter any staging Coho in my salt career, so I have yet to experience that frustration. It's bound to happen one of these days.
  3. Thread fixed and pic added for anyone that tried to view in the last half hour. I kept getting an error when I tried to put in too much at once. Basically had to insert and save one line at a time! :mad:
  4. I've never been really excited about SRC, but dang, that's a nice looking fish! Is it possible the Coho were eating euphasids or small bait that were being pushed to the surface? Did you try small patterns with a "euphasid hop" retrieve? Les Johnson's book has some good information on waiting period fish, but I've yet to have a chance to try the tactics in the salt.
  5. Yep, we tried everything he mentioned in the book (that we could remember) and a number of the waiting period patterns from the book as well. When that failed, we even tried a few traditional beach baitfish patterms. They just weren't players I guess, which is not that uncommon from what I hear.
  6. Matt & Josh,
    Nice effort on the coho and great job on the cutts.
    The bright sunny weather yesterday likely didn't help your cause. Great for spotting fish, just not great for fishing or a stealthy approach. Who know with lockjawed staging silvers. Today's cloudy weather might have turned them on.
  7. Nice report and good looking cutt. October is a great month for cutthroat fishing, the best in my opinion. Must have been entertaining to site fish for your silvers for a change of pace. Those staging coho are tough to catch because they are only rarely in the mood to hit a fly or lure, and very picky about what they will hit. It's all about aggression, not matching the hatch (they are not feeding anymore, just ready for breeding).

    Feeding coho are still moving through along the beaches though. Get them before the rains settle in for good.
  8. SF, I was thinking the same thing about the fog and clouds this morning...would have been nice yesterday. It's hard to say if we were successful, but we tried to come in as stealthy as possible. We killed the motor way out and coasted/paddled to within casting distance of the outer edge of the jumpers. They didn't scatter and continued jumping, but I guess that doesn't mean they weren't spooked. Next time I'll bring the electric trolling motor for more stealth.

    DB, we hit MA9 Sunday with no action. I'm hoping the weather turns things around this weekend and gives us all a shot at a couple more fish! We were sight fishing for silvers, but I was actually refering to sight fishing for cutthroat. We were able to spot some cruising and target them. Fun stuff!
  9. The best waiting period fly I have ever used is Croft's Spider by Mike Croft. It is on Page 166 of Les Johnson and Bruce Ferguson's book, "Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon II." Tie it sparse 0n a #6 hook, fish it on an intermediate sink line with long slow strips. Don't forget, you're looking for the few, if any, biters in the school.

  10. Hmmm....seems like having one of my stillwater trout boxes around would be handy in such situations. I'm wondering if something like a size 10-12 partridge and orange might find a player or two. Though I reckon most of them would make short work of the lighter hooks if it did work
  11. Josh had some of those tied up with no success and I had something similar too. We were in an area where I couldn't retrieve as slowly as I'd like with an intermediate without dragging bottom, but deep enough water than the floater was too shallow. I really needed one of the super slow intermediates where as my Outbound is on the faster side. Thanks for the tips though! Oh, and I tried a couple surface patterns just for the heck of it.
  12. Sounds like the perfect spot for a Hover line. Man, I find more and more uses for mine every time I fish it
  13. Great looking Cutts guys! What patterns were you using?
  14. Casting for hours, everything in the book,
    every kind of everything and no results.
    Been there. At least the costal cutts were
    willing. No new advice here....My rule of
    thumb is if you see coho jumping you are
    to late.

  15. Sandlance were the most productive, but they were taking chum babies happily too..


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  16. I was hoping you'd add your pictures Josh.

    That's probably a good bet most of the time.
  17. Cutthroat fishing in the fall and during the chum fry migration in the spring has got to be one of the best and healthiest fisheries we've got in Washington. Nice fish guys, I've got next week off to chase cutthroat and maybe find an early chum, can't wait.
  18. As of this AM, still seeing lots of BIG ho's out there as well. They were jumping about 200 yards out all morning.
  19. LOTS of big jumping Coho off the West side of Whidbey today but I couldn't get them to bite trolled hardware. VERY good fishing in 8-2 in 300ft of water meaning that there are still lots of fish in the salt. Beaches near the mouths of rivers may be a good place to be on Friday and Saturday.

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