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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Eyejuggler, Aug 14, 2013.

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    After a long dry spell, I took the Kayak out to my favorite stretch of beach today and was lucky to have a slightly overcast day, lite breeze, and no crowds...not that this bit would have crowds but after my efforts to launch at DP last week, I gave up on the nut house and went back to serenity.

    The SRC action was little to none with a few follows and an LDR on my usual lucky, Chum Baby style streamer.
    What I did notice was what appeared to be a huge flying ant "hatch" of some kind. I don't know how long they last but next time Ill be bringing some dry ant patterns because apparently that was todays menu :)
    Thousands of them littered the water and at first I thought termites...they may well be as my insect skills are basic.
    Some pics of the day and if you go out soon...bring some drys!
    I hit the water on the incoming to noon and a bit of the outgoing.



    You can see them littering the surface...the seal is unimpressed.

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    I was out salmon fishing in my kayak today & saw the same insects buzzing the surface. Would be interesting to get a read on what species this is from one of the experts on the board.

    The Pinks weren't interested in them.....

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    Great pics- what a trip!
  4. Greg Armstrong Active Member

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    Those are great pics.
    Did you see any cutthroat keying in on them?
  5. Eyejuggler Beech Nut

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    Yes I did, not craziness but swirls every 15-30 seconds. Definitely feeding time.
  6. Pat Lat Mad Flyentist

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    JackD was supposed to let me know when they started hatching in his area, shoot me a message if you go again soon, I'll make sure we have flies to match.
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    Nice photos - fly fishing from a kayak - LOVE it! That's my mode of transportation too . . . crowds are a non-issue.
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    Anyone know what are they are?
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    Termite vs Flying ant link. Perhaps this? I was thinking ant of some kind. But I do not know. I should post this in the entomology forum.