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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Stonefish, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Hit the beach in MA 13 today. Ended up with about a dozen resident coho to hand.
    Chartreuse krystal flash over pearl uv krystal flash clouser with a chartreuse thread body was the ticket.
    Lots of fish jumping and dimpling the surface. As others have mentioned the fish are in nice shape and larger then normal for this time of year. Biggest fish today was 14".
    Little wind, eagles flying and a nice day for a salt fix.
  2. So jealous
  3. Nice report Stonefish, you must have found some nice sized pods....were you fishing from shore or a boat? I also hit a couple of beaches today and didn't do as well as you but got three cutt's at one beach, all were around 13" and one 15" rezzie at another, but it was tough fishing, it appeared there weren't any pods just individual fish, I was lucky to get the one. Thanks for the report.
  4. Mark,
    I was fishing from the beach.
  5. Nice, thats great to get into that kind of action from the beach, I hit it on occasion but not as often as I'd like.
  6. Sounds like a great day. I'm not asking where you were fishing. I am new to the resident silver fishing. I have heard it used to be pretty good in MA13. That has not been the case in the past few I ma told. What type of beach structure do yo look for when fishing resident silvers? Is it the same as SRC? I also fish MA 13. Thanks.
  7. Here's another MA 13 Report for Dec 31st:

    No fish, No fish jumping, No dimpling...
  8. SGB
    The beach I fished today had softball to bowling ball size rocks. That being said, I've also caught resident coho on eel grass flats as well as cobble and oyster bed bottom structure.
    They move around a lot. Where they were today may be barren tomorrow. Having good current is key in my opinion.
  9. Thanks for the info SF I will do some research. Part of the fun is the research.....then comes the hunt.....then the fish.
  10. I have caught 5 resident coho in the past seven days while beach fishing for SRC's. Like Mark, I also noticed that they were not showing schooling behavior and appeared to be individuals. It's hard to know what's happening under the surface, but I did not see a single jumper or any boils.

    One thing I did notice is that all the non-schooling coho had clipped adipose. While chasing schools from a boat, I noticed we would get some with adipose intact. Does anyone have any thoughts why that could be?

    Also, from what I gather researching resident coho fishing, this seems to be a remarkable year with many people reporting high numbers of catches and large sizes. I'd love to hear from people about how this year compares to years past for them (this is my first year fly fishing!). Why might there be more or less any given year?

    It seems great out there right now. Hope everyone gets a piece of it! I'll be out at it again tomorrow!
  11. David,
    I haven't fished for them in the winter much the past few years. From what I can remember the resident coho are bigger and more abundant then the past few years. Years ago there used to be tons of them every year.

    The fish I caught Monday were schooled up with multiple fish jumping and dimpling at the same time. They seemed to be concentrated in a pretty small area.
    The week before, most of the fish I caught were singles with the majority of them being taken blind casting.

    I was rather surprised with the number of unclipped fish I caught. Knowing the poor shape that the south sound wild coho runs are in, I wonder if these are unclipped hatchery fish?

    Perhaps someone such as Don Freeman with better knowledge of the resident coho programs in the south sound can chime in on this.
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  12. Whenever you find one that has an unclipped adipose be sure to check the ventral fins. Most of the time you'll find one of them is clipped. I've been fishing MA 13 consistently the past several weeks and only hit a couple fish with all fins intact.
  13. Mike,
    What is the source of the ventral clipped fish, tribal hatcheries?
  14. I'll share a couple of things I know about the differential clipping, and I'm excited to hear that you are getting some. It's no surprise to anyone here that resident coho fishing is a ghost of what it was in fairly recent times. Lots has changed, the hatcheries in the 70's could dump silvers splash in the sound and get 12% returns. Now, most of the money for stocking and rehab is gone, and returns are closer to 1%.

    Some hatcheries have marked their releases with ventral clips, which enables us to identify the source. This info not only reveals the origin of the fish, but where they go after release. It would be extremely valuable to refine our knowledge of migration and feeding patterns of these coho.

    I would like to bring this information to the next Puget Sound Enhancement Fund Oversight Committee meeting, to see if we can connect some dots. I have been tasked with researching the effort to rejuvenate this fishery "due to my personal interests and experience". Briar patch kind of thing.

    If you will send me a PM or whatever they call it now, with (1) which fin is clipped,(2) rough geographic and Marine area caught, and (3) size, measured from nose to INSIDE of tail fork, and (4) Date. This sample should include adipose clipped fish as well.

    You won't find me poaching your spot the next day, or divulging the information to anyone but the OC. I have plenty of water to find feast or famine down here, and will respect your privacy.

    We can discuss the pros and cons of ventral clipping, but for now, if this is useful information, we'd like to capture it.

    Thanks for your help

    Don Freeman
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  15. good info, I think you might want to make this a seperate new post to get as much info as possible on the fish, I will definately send you a message if I catch one.
  16. Good advice, I will cobble something together asap
  17. 181367_10151456436050802_570921506_n.jpg

    I got into some nice pods of Coho yesterday. But not here. Just like a mirror yesterday on MA 13
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  18. Hey Boot I was there on Tuesday
    Saw one nice cutt in the rock garden
    Lots of trees down on said island
    A big sea lion was roaming south of there
    Great birding
    Got the last of the rock crab for New Year's Day brunch

    That fog was thick yesterday
    Was it ok out there?
  19. Nice photo Wadin' Boot. I caught my first ever saltwater cutthroat in that area, and also my first really big 19+ cutthroat. Fond memories.

    Later this winter and spring when I start fishing MA-13 for resident silvers I'll be happy to contribute fin tagging information for Don's committee.
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  20. I'll send info your way as well Don.

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