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  1. Hit a MA 9 beach yesterday with DimeBrite. I ended up with one 6 lb silver and Tim end up catching two of similar size. Tim also caught two small jack coho.
    Not a lot of fish being caught and no larger ocean fish which were what we were hoping to encounter.

    I hit a MA-10 beach this morning. When 0 for 2 one of which was a really nice size fish that gave me the bird as it rolled after spitting the hook. Saw a few other fish caught, but nothing very large.

    Things have slowed down quite a bit but there are still some fish to be had. You'll just need to work harder to find the players. Looks like rain is coming late next week.

    Nice couple of days on the water. Some clouds or fog would have certainly helped fishing. Best part of the weekend was being able to walk from my rig to the beach each day in the dark without being attacked by wolves.

  2. Those damn wolves will getcha! dont let your guard down!
  3. Nice job guys! I hit the beach with Josh Smestad this AM. No action for us. I had one solid hit but no hookup and a couple other possible light bumps. The herring guys pulled a few fish out all on the smaller side (3-5 lbs). One guy lost what seemed like a pretty large fish. Definitely some fish around but I haven't been been seeing the bigger ocean fish everyone is hoping for either.

  4. Keep your DIY Rod Tube handy at all times, at least to bonk these humungous gigunda silvers on the way...
  5. Nice going Brian...the chummies
    are already in the south sound.

  6. at least one guide has caught some chum out of the Skagit already. !!!!!!
  7. Solid work. Glad some of you were out gettin after em while I was stuck at work.
  8. The big wild ocean coho will be pushing into Puget Sound with the weather system moving in late this week. The weekend's fishing will be very interesting.
    Saturday Brian and I did surprisingly well considering the sunny conditions and weak tide. I keep catching wild hens lately, not the giant hook nose buck I want to close out my season. Today I had to work hard to get one salmon to nibble at my fly, but it escaped the hook. Only one silver hit the beach all morning. I have seen small schools of chum leaping far off the beach heading to the rivers.
    No wolves attacked me this weekend, but I was nearly assaulted by an irate herring fisherman who was yelling at anyone wading into the water. He was 70 yards away screaming his head off. Later, I followed the current to his end of the beach and he called me a f@#ker, threw handfuls of rocks into the water in front of me, and repeatedly charged at me like he was going to grab or punch me. I finally calmed him down and we had a conversation and shook hands. It was by far my worst encounter on the water in my 30 years of fly fishing. I should mention that I've respectfully fished next to folks fishing herring for years without incident and with mutual success.
  9. Is there generally a unspoken rule about wading?
  10. I am glad to hear it was tactfully resolved. Did you by chance mention the state law he was breaking by throwing rocks in the water while you were fishing?
  11. That sounds a lot like a regular on my local beach. Seen him get into it with many folks in a similar manner. It takes all kinds I guess
  12. No, but a lot of people feel they have to wade in as far as they can so they can cast further out into the sound. This really does ruin it for other fishermen when these silvers are hugging the shoreline. A couple of weeks ago I was having great success when a fellow fisherman stepped into the water next to me and proceed to wader in to his waist. I politely explained to him that the silver were hugging the shore and suggested he back up. He looked at me like I had two heads. I then told him the fish were swimming behind him. He responded "ok" and proceeded to stay right when he was. Neither of us caught any fish until he got frustrated and left that spot. I then caught two more once he moved.
  13. If you were a mere 5'6" like myself you would find your furthest cast is infact with both feet on dry land. :D
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  14. Chum are in freshwater in BC!
  15. I was at the MA10 beach yesterday and have to agree I was disappointed that there weren't some natives of bigger size caught (and especially by me!) I guess I shouldn't complain though, since I was fortunate enough to capture another cookie cutter hatchery hen - about 4.5 lbs I'd guess. Nice to talk to Brian again too. He noted that it's just beginning to turn color.

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  16. Still fast-stripping the clouser? Good to see the fish keep coming.
  17. Jon,
    Yes, that is what I was doing yesterday.
  18. I'm starting to lose interest in the Coho and focusing my attention on the approaching Chum runs.
  19. So my brother is coming into town tomorrow. He is an experienced fly guy, and I'd love to expose him to some beach fishing. I know it's not as productive as last month was (one of the best months of fishing I've ever experienced), so we are thinking of maybe hitting PNP one morning. But beyond that anywhere else anyone can recommend to get him into his first NW beach catch?
  20. Don't over think this. We are at the time of the year where I don't think any one beach outshines another in putting out fish. Your first choice is as good as any. Things aren't easy now like they were, so pick a beach you have confidence in and fish it hard. With flies, expect one or two chances a day and hope they stick.
    Based on the rain predicted to start Friday, it could be very interesting to see what shows up off the beaches first thing Saturday morning.
    A lot of fish will be hightailing it to the rivers once they smell that rain, but there should still be some players around.
    The catch stats in the straits and central sound are still pretty good for this time of year. I think our weather has had a lot to do with that.

    Good Luck,
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