MA-9 8/14 and 8/16

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Tacoma Red, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Tacoma Red

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    Two beautiful early mornings.

    On Wednesday drove about a mile down the road from my house and encountered two big bucks, deer that is, crossing the road. One was maybe 4pts and the other perhaps 6 or more. I was glad to have been driving very slowly but neither I nor they stayed around long enough to accurately count points. I'm sure they are my Orchard Thieves and Japanese Maple Destroyers. When I got to the beach ~5:15am there were already ~8 people, one fly guy. Within 2 hours I had three shakers, one sculpin, and one nice hatchery buck coho for the grill all on a size 6 pink over chartreuse clouser. A few other salmon, 2 pinks and 5 coho were caught throughout the morning by the time I left, ~11am. Sunrise was your typical Cascade Range spectacular light show, the type that drives Californians to move here.

    Today was beautiful as well but the weather very different, with a little rain. Lots of eerie low-level fog and the sounds of an approaching tanker's penetrating fog horn. The bioluminescence was incredible and as the morning continued the fog got thicker occasionally allowing you to view a small pod of porpoise/dolphin or baitfish attempting to escape their prey. Speaking of baitfish, there's an abundant amount so much so you can hear the popping noise they make on the water's surface (LOUD). They're all over. Within less than 20 minutes of arriving one fly person had caught three dogfish and one small salmon! I didn't see whether it was a coho or pink. By about 6:30 am after a few hits I landed this nice hatchery hen on the following fly that I tied last night.

    People are catching fish, not many, and it's still hit or miss but you have to work for it.

    Good luck out there this weekend. Maybe the recent rains are bringing in more fish and hopefully they'll stay around near your beach of interest.

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  2. Golden Trout

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    Nice fish, fly, and writing style. "Pardon me while I touch the sky"
  3. DimeBrite

    DimeBrite MA-9 Beach Stalker

    Nice report, well done.
  4. mtskibum16

    mtskibum16 Active Member

    Nice job! Sounds like some enjoyable mornings on the salt. This is making my decision b/w fishing or mountain biking tomorrow more difficult!
  5. Tony James

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    Nice report - thanks for sharing! beautiful catch!
  6. DKL

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    I can add to the area 9 report but not with any eloquence. Yesterday seemed slow overall for everyone while I was out, and I was out for a long time. In all that time I only had one grab. It was a tough day but I did see a couple of whales go by. Today still seemed slow overall, but I had better luck. Only fished for a short while in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Picked up a 7# hatchery hen coho (don't know how to post pic from my phone) in the morning and a 4.5# pink in the afternoon. Sea lion surfaced 10 yds out in front of me in the morning, that was cool. Of course I quickly pulled my stringer out of the water.

  7. CLO

    CLO Boats and cohos

    I've been fishin MA 9 a little bit and it's been decent if you put the work in.

    Gear: 7 weight XP
    Flies: Pink Clousers from Avid Fly Fishers
    Time: Morning and evenings on out going tides
    Location: Beach
  8. ten80

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    ^ That there is an exemplary and inspiring report, thanks CLO!

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