MA 9 8/6: A day late and a dollar short

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Rob Ast, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. I've been on vacation this last week in New Mexico, and although I did get to enjoy some decent small stream trout fishing I was seriously envious of the beach reports I was reading. Therefore, I was up early and at your usual North Kitsap beach by 05:00. Saw SciGuy and Bagman there, with a few fish being caught. Bill hooked up on a double, but unceremoniously had to leave the beach shortly thereafter when he drove the hook deeply into his hand. Being the type of guy who needs all the luck I can get I of course stepped into Bill's lucky spot. About five minutes later I felt the tug, but apparently I got Bill's luck from last week, not today, because I had line screaming off my reel and was well into my backing in a matter of seconds. After several minutes I brought a nice King to my feet. It is hard for me to judge the size precisely because of my limited experience handling Kings, but i would guess about 15lbs of hatchery goodness. Of course I was psyched to catch my first King off the beach, but my luck ran out because MA9 closed to King retention yesterday.
  2. Rob, Congrats on the nice King! Timing is everything sometimes. "Missed it by that much!" But that was just the dinner table part!;)
  3. Wow Rob, that is awesome. Lucky and unlucky?.......I would say you're lucky! Good going!
  4. Nice job Rob! Did anyone take a picture for you...I can't imagine trying to CNR a nice King and snap a photo at the same time. Whether you could take it home or not, I'm sure that will prove to be a memorable fish. I hope you at least enjoy the Coho I had to leave behind.

    I've had better mornings:


  5. Grats on the king!

    Ouch on the photos, that is why I carry a pair of snips in my pack that can cut hooks in two.
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  6. Hmmm. I just downsized my chest pack, and removed the snips due to the weight. Perhaps I'll reconsider.:eek:
  7. I thought thumb season closed to retention on the 5th?
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  8. Bill, no photo - no camera and I wasn't about to dig out my phone standing knee deep in the sound. Coho is filleted with half in the freezer and half for dinner tonight.
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  9. Rob nice job. SciGuy, that don't look like fun. did that yrs back in my thumb, to the hospital I went. no fun.
  10. Nice work Rob! (And you too, SciGuy!:rolleyes:)
  11. ouch
  12. That picture almost made me puke.

    Jesus that looks horrible.
  13. I was going to pull it out for him untell he found that the drugs I had were not good for stopping Salmonla
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  14. I generally run them along my finger nail to see if they are sticky sharp. At least you know you're using sharp hooks. Ouch
  15. Hell yeah Rob nice work!!!! I so want to tangle with a nookie on the fly!! I saw several this morning within range but no love. Great memory for you sir! Well done!!!!

    Bill that is brutal man!
  16. Here's our old friend, Steve Edge, giving a demo on how to remove a hook:

  17. Looks like you got yourself a new avatar SciGuy
  18. Thanks for posting that video, Larry. Hopefully I won't need to use it
    on you, nor you on me!
  19. I don't think this would work on SciGuy's hook......ouch!! Didn't they used to pull teeth that way Doc?!! Ha!

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