MA-9 is not over yet

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by daveypetey, Oct 11, 2012.

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    There are still a few left. Some big boys rising more than 100ft out actively all morning. Got this 22" hatchery hen on UV chartreuse over white clouser. Only a couple other tugs and no SRC's seen.
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  2. Nice work! I hit the beach this morning as well, but got nothing.

    Folks are right about the big ones out off the beach--I saw some monsters jumping around pretty far out this morning. Wow.

  3. Nice work on the coho DP.

    Coho or chums jumping?
  4. I don't know. They were so far out that I wouldn't have been able to tell what they were. Frickin' huge though. At one point I watched two or three of them go into a sort of jumping frenzy, 9 or 10 jumps in a few seconds all crazy back and forth.

    They did seem a little dark, but it may have just been the overcast sky and distance.

  5. Solid work again Jason! Looks like all your efforts have really paid off for you this season. Great job!
  6. Not so fast Nick!

    That's DaveyPetey's fish up there--not mine.

    I wish I had another nice one to show around though! I barely got to fish this week between work and other crap getting in the way.
  7. Hah Wow, guess I was more flustered from my stupid meeting than I thought. My bad!

    My apologies Davey, didn't mean to steal your thunder. Nice work!

  8. Nice fish Daveypetey. I can confirm from yesterday morning that the jumpers were beastly coho. Hope to bonk one tomorrow AM.
  9. Starting on Friday morning it's going to get tough to cast with the storm systems moving in. These low pressure systems are going to bring the big wild coho into Puget Sound like a conveyer belt. If you can find a sheltered area to fish on the beach you will score some nice salmon. South/South-East winds 10-25 knots are not easy though, nor is 2-4 foot surf. The big rains Saturday-Monday will herald the end of a great beach season and we will all be talking about how great 2012 was for catching silvers. Just one more beach silver please (a big hook nose buck)!
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  10. Thanks all. Looks like rain might show up late. How to bump into some of y'all out there tomorrow pre soak!
  11. I think where we'll be fishing Saturday may be equivalent to MMA coho fishing. The weather may kick the shit out of us but the rewards could be huge.
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  12. Let's do it! Time to finish strong! What's everyone's favorite fly they'll be tying on for the final showdown?
  13. Hmmmm...., which fly to use? Make mine a standard chartreuse over white buck tail Clouser with some flash and stripped fast against a stiff current. I'll also be tying on a good rain jacket.
  14. First post. First year fishing salmon with a fly rod and after getting a few here in MA-10, i need to the feel the tug just once more (kinda sound like an addict).

    Coming from seattle, is it worth the drive to MA8-2 or are my chances just as good in MA-9?
  15. I never fish MA 8-2 so I can't help you there. 9 or 10 should both offer you a chance at fish this weekend.
    As a right hander, I'll be on a west facing MA 9 beach to take advantage of the SE wind. It will be a nice change of pace from the NW in your face wind we dealt with all summer long.

    fly...something chartreuse to start out with. If that doesn't work, I'll go to something pink or solid white.
  16. Thread topic confirmed. UV chartruese over a mix of white and red. Saw em jump down beach just a little deeper than the depth i was standing. Switched the cast to that direction and 2 casts later a tug and silver flash. Sea lion off shore gave me some lip as i was bleeding the fish. In MA8-2 just north of MA-9. Do i stop on a high note? Probably not. Wife willing, i'll be slipping out the house early again tomorrow.
  17. Had a big buck on this morning in 9 again all the way to beach but he got off as we were pulling him up. So bummed. How long do you think we can push it. Tuesday? :)
  18. Keep going until you stop getting strikes from nice silvers.
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  19. Great thing about this time of year is that with each passing week it is more likely that you will get grabbed by a steelhead while salmon fishing.
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  20. So another question if you guys don't mid. Should we just pack it in when we stop getting tugs on days like this? As the tide gets later over the next week what would be a good strategy? On at sun up and off by 9 or 10? Or on a cloudy windy day is the light not so important as hitting the low tide?

    So same flys? Chartreuse over white as well? This is the best news I have heard all week. Being here only a year means I gotta get as many salt water species in as possible. Which as of this morning I can add flounder (I think) to the list.

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