MA-9 Report: First Blood

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by DimeBrite, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. I fished a different MA-9 beach this morning 6:30 to 9:30 and caught plenty of 4-13 inch shaker silvers. It wasn't so bad though, because I caught 4 or 5 nice sized cutthroat (largest was a fat 17-18 incher). I did see one big silver jump and crash bait when I first arrived. They are around, just have to keep fishing until we find a good group of them. Nice sunrise this morning too.

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  2. Me too, hit the beach at 5:45...
    lots of bait, not a large crowd on the beach
    and about thirty boats. Lots of shakers...saw one
    big King within casting distance but no love.
    Felt good to be out and fling a fly. Saw zero
    landed onthe beach and one in the boats.
    Home by 1 for a nap.

    Tim, whats with all the cutties?

  3. Was that you Dave? I thought it might be but wasn't sure. I was busy with an epic fail at casting. My new(ish) rod with a new line = I couldn't cast worth $hit! haha (not that it's ever very good)
  4. I'll be out to give it another go in the morning if anyone wants to join me...
  5. I may head out to a beach on foot or in my kayak. Got plenty sunburnt paddling after bottom fish out west today. Hydrate and get after it again, right?
  6. I don't know why I keep catching big cutts at this beach. Other years I've only occasionally gotten small ones there, but almost always catch silvers and some chinook. They are hanging off a sandy spit nailing sand lance drifting by in the current on the incoming tide, too easy. Maybe WDFW was right: eliminate the hatchery resident coho program and the wild fish will recover due to less competition? I can't complain, they are good fighters and I've never had a better July for cutthroat. The BBQ is grumbling though...

  7. Hit a different beach (MA-10) for 2 hours on the outgoing tide this morning. More of the same with plenty of sandlance, a nice current, cloud cover, but zero salmon sign. The only action was when a cutthroat clobbered my fly and jumped 4 times, almost landing in my stripping basket. So ends July.

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  8. Nice job on the cutts Tim.
  9. For sure some nice cutts! So guys, when are the big boys going to start showing up? :D
  10. On the Whidbey side I it is late August before I see any numbers of fish in MA9.
  11. Chris McNaulty and I made the 200 mile round trip to look for early MA-9 coho this morning. We saw a couple small residents and found a single cutthroat. Headed back into 10 and found some perfect Cutthroat hammering sandlance. The biggest was just over 16", but fat as hell... she jumped so high so many times, I thought for sure it was a Silver. All the cutthroat we caught came out of the water 2-5 times, pretty cool.
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  12. I was out the other morning from 445 till about 730. A few shakers to hand and saw one nice 5lb silver taken by a pink buzz bomb. No one else was having any luck..
  13. Fished MA-9 last Sunday from 5am-11am. Couple shakers and that's it. One gear guy had on what I think was a king. It ran a couple times and when it went to run for a third time the guy wouldn't let it and put the pressure on and POP! He proceeded to yell and swear and throw his rod....pretty entertaining stuff. Other than that, there was one good sized silver to the beach (4-5 lbs) and a few to the boats. Pretty dead though - current never really set up.

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