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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Nick Clayton, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Nick Clayton

    Nick Clayton Active Member

    Been working nonstop the past few month to pay for my upcoming wedding, and I'm just getting burned out. I decided last night that I couldn't take it any longer, and had to hit the beach. Originally I planned to just head out right after work and fish till dark. I live five minutes from PNP, so it's convenient. Then last night I had the brilliant thought that I could get up super early and fish the first hour or so before I had to leave for work, so thats what I did. I was standing on the beach at 0400 and waited a bit till I could see enough to cast. 2 other fly fishers showed up a short time later, and by the time I left there was another 3 or 4 gear guys. Fished till about 6 before I had to tear myself away and head into Bremerton. Had one shaker to hand and that was it. No other hits, no other fish seen. Water looked super fishy, but nothing happening. Doesn't matter, felt so nice to get out finally, and discovered that my Helios 10' 6 wt will absolutely LAUNCH an Airflo 40+ 7 wt line.

    Anyway, I'll be back out this evening until dark. If anyone is out and about be sure to say hi.
  2. miyawaki

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    I arrived at PNP yesterday morning at 6AM, an hour later than I had planned. Driving from Kent requires getting up at 0-Dark Thirty and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I did see one flyfisher cleaning a hatchery silver on the beach amongst the dozen or so gearslingers. That was a good sign. I fished for awhile and moved on to finish the tide. Caught a couple small shakers and missed one good coho. Had breakfast and moved on to a good outgoing beach and hit the mother lode of large searuns. None were smaller than 15". Napped, ate, drank, pissed and smoked my way into the incoming tide, looking for big coho then napped my way home half dead for dinner.

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  3. mtskibum16

    mtskibum16 Active Member

    Nick, you're lucky to live so close (although I'm sure the commute gets tiresome). I would like to move closer that way so that I could fish before/after work more regularly. I'm sort of wishing I would have up-lined my 9'6" 6wt Z-Axis. I went with the OBS 6wt and it seems a bit light.
  4. Nick Clayton

    Nick Clayton Active Member

    The commute into Bremerton does get old, but man it's sure nice to get a wild hair up my ass to fish and be on the beach in a matter of minutes. I've never fished a Z 6 wt, but I have had 4, 5, 7, and 8s and I would imagine I would like to overline it for the beach. I just love the minimal amount of false casting required with a nice heavy head, but everyone is different.

    I can't wait to get back after it tonight. Probably go for a repeat tomorrow if I'm feeling up to it.

  5. mtskibum16

    mtskibum16 Active Member

    Yeah, my experience with different setups is limited but I'm finding I prefer it that way too. My 8wt Redington RS4 and 8wt Outbound (not short) seem to be a good match though.
  6. Rob Ast

    Rob Ast Active Member

    Nick, second guy to the beach was me. I had one small shaker to hand, and was hooked up for about 15 second to a good sized fish later in the morning (8:00ish). Saw a few nice fish brought to the beach, and one gear guy had a king that he was nice enough to release.
  7. Brooks Werner

    Brooks Werner Member

    Good thing since King retention is closed up there! I got into a few small shakers there on Monday, gear guys didn't catch a thing :)
  8. Josh Smestad

    Josh Smestad aka Mtnwkr

    I might join you tomorrow morning if I can get to bed early enough tonight.
  9. martyg

    martyg Active Member

    Area 11 in the south and area 13 along the east are dead. Been burning a lot of gas and not finding fish. Kings were going off but they seemed to have moved on.
  10. Stonefish

    Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

    It is sad what has happened to the south sound coho, especially MA 13.
    I'm glad I got to experience in it's prime having grown up there.
    It used to be from June through October you could always count on encountering some coho. I'm sure it still offers good days, but it isn't worth the drive for me anymore based on the number of fish available in MA's 9 and 10.
  11. Rob Ast

    Rob Ast Active Member

    That's what I was referring to. There are guys up there who would have kept it, but this individual did the right thing.
  12. Roger Stephens

    Roger Stephens Active Member


    From the early 1980's through 1990's there was some outstanding adult coho fly fishing during June throught Oct it seemed like every year. After early 2000's it went downhill rapidly with only the occasional outstanding fishing trips to be had for adult coho and is one reason which I spend so much effort/time enjoying the sea-run cutthroat fly fishing in marine area 13.

  13. Nick Clayton

    Nick Clayton Active Member

    I had a funny feeling that was you, Rob. I should have said hi.

    Had a fun evening. Hit the beach around 4:30 and landed an 18" fish fairly early on, then it was pretty much dead. Not too many guys fishing, considering, but lots of beach goers. I fished until about 6:30 with fellow board member Jimmy Z (Nice to meet you), and then walked back to the parking lot with him fully intending to head home. Didn't see a single fish landed other than my little guy, and the wind was starting to whip up fairly good. Got back to the parking lot, and encountered a youngish family gearing up to head out. Dad asked how we did as he rigged his gear rod, and then his son ( who was rigging a fly rod) started asking me questions about fly fishing. Super nice kid, very enthousiastic... maybe 12 years old. I finished my stroll to the truck and was about to put my gear away when I got a sudden burst of motivation. If that 12 year old could muster the engery to fight the wind, then damnit so could I, so I threw a light sweatershirt on under my wading jacket and headed back out. Got out to the point and took up a spot next to the dad I spoke to in the parking lot. As the sun started to set the wind calmed down, and I started hooking fish. Just shakers, but they were 14-19" and very fun, especially after my fishing drought lately. The kid I encountered in the parking lot had switched to a gear rod shortly after getting to the beach, but after my 4th fish decided he wanted to try the fly again, so he ran back to the truck. It was while he was gone that I hooked up with my one good fish. Got a solid strike about halfway through my retrieve and after the hook set I knew it was a good fish. It made one short run, then turned and ran straight for me at mach 4. I backed up as quick as I could and stripped like the devil, and managed to caatch up to him. At this point my running line was all sorts of tangled, and the fish was cartwheeling from my right to left and back again about 20 feet out from shore. He started to slow, and I was pulling him toward the beach when he made one more jump and spit the hook. I was devestated. We guessed it to be around 8 lbs. I've lost a ton of fish in my day, but this one really bothered me. After a rough few months I was reeeaaallllyyy wanting to bring home some dinner.

    Missed another couple hits, and then it died for me. Gear guys hooked a good 6-8 fish during this period as well, so it was clear the fish were in and hungry. I fished till dark, and headed back. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to the young fly fisher. He reminded me so much of me when I was first starting out. So eager, and so polite. As exciting as the fish was, the highlight of my day was when the young fellow asked me for some casting tips, so i showed him a few things, and explained how he really doesn't need to cast far to catch fish. Told him just work on casting 30-40 feet consistantly, and he'll be fine. I wandered down about 30 feet and was stripping out line when the kid got a solid strike. I saw the jolt, and he set the hook nicely and had a good bend in the rod for a split second before it was gone. The kid's eyes were as big as saucers! That one will be a WFF member in no time I'm sure.

    Great day. Just what the doctor ordered. Gonna repeat it tomorrow, only my fiance and son are going to meet me at the beach. Nothing like some family time/fishing put together.
  14. Nick Clayton

    Nick Clayton Active Member

    Dawn patrol again this mornin. First one there, fished till six or so with no action. Nice morning, no players.
  15. mtskibum16

    mtskibum16 Active Member

    Nice, I might head out there this evening.
  16. Nick Clayton

    Nick Clayton Active Member

    I'll be back out this evening.
  17. Paul Potter

    Paul Potter Member

    Just missed you this morning, Nick. Got there close to 6:30. Action right at the Point about 7:30. Saw 5 fish on the beach for four guys. The fisherman introducing me to the beach & I both got solid takes a little later but did not get the fish to shore. Beautiful morning.
  18. Josh Smestad

    Josh Smestad aka Mtnwkr

    I didn't make it out today but I'll be there early tomorrow for sure. Don't have to be into work till 10:00.
  19. Nick Clayton

    Nick Clayton Active Member

    Rough conditions tonight. Wind just wouldn't give up. Only saw two fish to the beach. I stuck it out, but other than one tug there wasn't much to show for it. Plenty of people out and about, my fiance and son enjoyed beach combing when he lost patience with the fishing. Like everyone, I am not a big fan of crowds, but for the most part I never have any trouble fishing with others. I'm friendly enough, and try to show decent etiquette. I never really get too upset when someone crowds me, I just move along or start up a conversation. That said, I'll never understand what goes on in people's minds while in such a situation. One rather large gentleman, who was super friendly, came up behind me and asked if I was using a buzz bomb, then proceeded to bombard casts all around me, twice hooking my line, once so badly I had to cut my fly off. I maintained my cool, but christ was I steaming inside. Then he proceeded to let his young, and by young I'm guessing 4-5 ish, kids roam all over the place while he fished, and then loved nothing more than standing just behind my right shoulder while lobbing rocks into the water and splashing wildly. Ugh. Oh well, just part of the spectacle. If I can drag my ass out of bed again I'll hit it early, otherwise I'll be back out after work.
  20. Richard Torres

    Richard Torres Active Member

    Nice job Nick!

    Nothing more satisfying than watching a young angler after you share some tips or flies you tied, hooking up (even for a brief moment :^) ) and watch them experience the same thrill.....
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