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  1. Nick I know what you mean as far as some of the people up there. Sometimes I just don't understand what they're seems so obvious to us that since we are slinging 40ft of line behind us at high speed, people should stay clear. Apparently it's not obvious to most folks! I do like the morning better because at least then there are less people just cruising the beach. One day I was up there and there was only me and one other fisherman. Well some big group of 10+ vacationers comes walking down the beach as I'm fishing and the whole group stops right behind me! I keep my cool and just stand there for a couple minutes figuring they'll move on, but they never do. Finally I just asked if they could move one way or the other so that I could continue to fish, explaining that I need space behind me to cast. They just stood there dumbfounded with confused looks on their faces. Apparently my expanation didn't sink in so I said somelike like "look, there's lots of beach here for you to stand....please do not stand behind me if you don't want a hook stuck in your face." That seemed to get the point across and they continued on down the beach! haha
  2. Yeah, I hear ya. I totally understand that it's a popular place, and I certainly don't go there for solitude. For the most part I have a good time fishing with and meeting other folks, and I try to just let it add to the experience instead of ruining it. But it does get frustrating when the most simple concept isn't understood. These idiots will watch me casting for 5 minutes as they approach, so it's not like they are unaware of the fact that there is line being flung behind me. My son was with me last night, and after losing interest in fishing, was just beach combing and chasing crabs. I made sure to impart in him how important it is to be mindful of the fishermen, and stear clear of where they are fishing. Never will you see my son throw ANYTHING into the water near where someone is fishing. When I see parents allow that to happen and don't say a thing, it really irks me.

    Unfortunately I'm working 12 hour shifts all weekend, so I won't be there to deal with the heavy crowds. (Or maybe that is a fortunate thing..) I'll be back this evening, and for a short while in the morning.
  3. Some of the gear folks there are great folks and anglers. I've become friends with them over the years and they are more then willing to share info about hot bit times from the previous day etc. If you fish there enough, you'll start to recognize the regulars that are there on a daily basis. They won't ever crowd you out or walk behind you.
    I had a nice silver on a few years ago and a guy tossed his buzzbomb over my line while I was playing the fish.
    One of the regulars walked up, cut the guys line and kind of read him the rules beach etiquette when someone has a fish on.
    I do agree, there are some anglers and beach walkers there that just have no clue.
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  4. Oh I would have loved to have witnessed that event with with my cell phone running...
  5. Oh by no means am I down on the gear guys. I know many of the regulars out there, and most of them are great folks who are super encouraging of me when I'm fly fishing, and always excited when I hook up. I thoroughly enjoy that social aspect of the fishing... When you show up to the parking lot and start reocognizing trucks... "Oh, I see Jim is here already, and old Bob is out... " etc. Good times. Sadly, as with all aspects of life, its the few bad apples that mess it up. I won't let them ruin my experience.

  6. Fishing was pretty hot this morning. Probably saw 15 fish to the beach between 545 and 715. I brought home a few today :)

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  7. + 1 ...couldn't agree more.

    Nice work Josh!
  8. hey nice ! one way to discourage the crowding issue that i came up with by accident was by noticing an "open carry" bozo on the p.t. coupeville ferry this past june strutting around the upper deck on a sunday afternoon.........just about anyone noticing this guy grabbed there kids and went elsewhere. this could work for any number of combat like fisheries that we all participate in......
  9. I know of at least one regular gear guy that is quite open about the fact that he has a piece amongst the rest of his gear on the beach. I tend to steer clear of this individual.

  10. Nicely done, Josh
  11. Got any pics of the flies you are using
  12. Nice work Josh! Hopefully they stick around until tomorrow! I agree that the "regulars" up there all seem to be good folks and stay out of each-others way.
  13. Funny how easily the none regulars stand out. The guys that fish there all the time fish for awhile, then bs with other anglers then fish for a bit more. All the while they never cast out very far with their light hootchie spinners and still catch lots of fish.
    Beware of the guys doing the full body casts. It looks like a new Olympic sport as they catch air while casting like they are throwing the hammer or javelin. They cast their buzz bombs so far out there you never see the splashdown and they rarely catch anything.
  14. You know, you're going to need a bigger rod to troll those cut plug silvers for Halibut!!
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  15. Haha! Those do look like some big plugs!
  16. Solid work as usual Josh! If there are fish around, you will find them! I'm heading out that way in about 20 minutes.... Hope there is still a fish or two around
  17. Deader than dead last night. Fished 4:30- 6:30 this morning- Half dozen shakers to hand, none of the big brothers were wanting to play with me. Lots of people, and quite a few fish being hooked when I had to head to work.
  18. Not exactly hot tonight but definitely some fish around. Lost one right off the bat that I never saw. Then later lost a nice one when it jumped way out of the water in front of me and spit the hook. My budddy fishing Herring got a nice one.

    Don't have to be to work till noon so will be hitting it hard in the morning.
  19. Nice man! Good luck today.
  20. Incoming tide looks good, think I'll head out that way..

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