MA !! Euphasid action is Heating Up!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by wadin' boot, Nov 24, 2013.

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    Today I fished a MA !! beach that has been kind in the way that SRC beaches are typically kind to me, maybe three-five fish in the vicinity that are willing to strike, with a good several hours put in to get them. They won the day though Cutts 4, Boot 1. Probably the numbers would have been better if my hooks were sharp. Or if I actually cared if I landed them or not. Overall a great day out on the water.

    Normally when I spy a jumper I'll hone in on the general vicinity with a bait fish pattern of some sort, I'll mess about with blue, green, white, brown, pink combos, weighted, unweighted and so on. Today that worked somewhat. I didn't see any bait fish at all, which is a little odd.

    On the current a long line of vertically oriented floating eelgrass was forming a natural barrier to the cleaner, faster currents on one side and debris/jelly/fall leaves/end-season sea lettuce on the other. I noted, as I stood in the cleaner current, that now and then these little brownish krill things about an inch long would shoot out of the floating eelgrass and go god knows where. So I found what was most euphasid in my mess of fish-imitating flies, tied it on, cast as close to the eelgrass line as I could get and stripped upcurrent.

    Fish on.

    Notably the water's surface was often carrying lots of debris, but unlike in summer, there was little below the surface. the intermediate let the fly track through dross without picking up a bunch of junk.

    In retrospect the fish pattern I hooked the most on was tiny, brown and white and could have been euphasid-like given it was inch and a half at most. maybe I just clip the back 2/3rds off of more of my bait fish ties...

    If you have SRC jumpers, what is your go to? Does it vary by season? What euphasid patterns should I carry? Thanks in advance...
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    Sounds like way more fun than raking leaves.

    Euphausids more commonly inhabit open water zones, but currents can carry them into the shallows. To me, they have a reddish gestalt. More commonly associated with structure are mysids (we have at least a dozen species). Many of these are tan to brown in color (see They swim similarly and to a flyfisher there won't be much difference, but you might look at freshwater mysid patterns (opposum shrimp), such as

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    There are times during the winter months when I've seen these critters in the water. They are represented well by Skip Morris's "Raccoon" pattern. Tied in yellow or cream colors, these can be lights out on searun cutthroat.
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    I tied this years ago and called it Crazy Plankton. I tied it on a #10 Mustad 3407 and fished it dead drift downtide into the schools. It has been very effective for rezzies when the pod up and sip while traveling uptide.


    Crazy Plankton.JPG
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  5. Mingo the Menehune stole my beer

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    +1,000......Leland's creation works great here on salmonids for sure; I've also found many other uses for this great pattern... mahidinner - Copy (2).jpg
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  6. Alexander Fishon

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    THAT is a very beautiful fish!
  7. fish-on Waters haunt me....

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    That's a beautiful fly!!!
  8. Chad Lewis NEVER wonder what to do with your free time

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    Damn Mingo. That's like bluegill fishing x1000.
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    Somehow missed this post till just now. Anyhow I now tie this with quite a bit less hackle and it works nicely. I like the way Lelands fly looks, but have never found anything that color myself, so I'll give the pattern a go with dark brown materials.
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    Terry that is pretty much exactly what those things looked like, a kind of old brown seagrass color...
  11. cutthroat kid cut throat kid

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    you can get small shrimp flies at the gig harbor fly shop and pacific fly fishers in mill creek. look on page 3 of their catalog under sea run cutthroat flies.
    I find that I have to use them mostly in fall for resident coho, in calm water with walking speed tide. I use floating line an let the flie drift right over the are where they are sipping at the surface, just like Leland mentioned. I use orange pink and sometimes white patterns, in a size 4 and 6,. Make the fly move like it is drifting with tide. They are not strong swimmers
  12. Stonefish Triploid and Humpy Hater

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    A little ragged from getting chewed on by rezzies.
    Mustad 3407 size 6 or 8
    Super small gold or nickel bead chain eyes
    Krystal Flash body
    White calf tail wing
    Works well in orange and tan as well

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  13. rotato Active Member

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    Sf is that tied like a gotcha/crazy Charlie?

    Flies get better when they get beat up a bit

    Still looking for the rezzies to come into the KP beaches
  14. Preston Active Member

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    While euphausiids and mysids are both "shrimp-like", neither one is classified as a true shrimp. Here are a couple of patterns; one is the late Bob McLaughlin's krill (euphausiid) pattern and a couple of iterations of a mysid imitation I've been playing with (or at least, thinking about) for a couple of years.


  15. Stonefish Triploid and Humpy Hater

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    Yes, tied similar to a crazy charlie.
  16. DennisE Topwater and tying.

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    That second set is tied on a different looking hook. Can you tell us what it is? Also, I'm guessing those are about a size 10?
  17. Preston Active Member

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    Ya talkin' ta me?
    Those are what we used to call "English Style Bait Hooks". I'm sure they are still made by some manufacturers but I'm working off a couple of boxes I bought from the late Bruce Ferguson's estate several years ago. They are size 8 (one of the boxes dates back to Herter's and the other is Mustad 37140). I actually think a size 10 or smaller would be a better choice; a one-inch-long mysid is about the maximum size they grow to.
  18. DennisE Topwater and tying.

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    Sorry, yeah I was asking you Preston. Thanks for the info.
  19. Jack Devlin Active Member

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    Here is My-sid pattern from last year. Worked pretty good for me.
    DSC03799.jpeg DSC03802.jpeg
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    The Crazy Charlie/Plankton is very effective. I also tie Will Sand's fly, sometimes substituting the mono eyes with small bead chain lacquered black. Off white to tannish, pale green, and also black.

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