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    I can't believe it. They were rising about 10 feet off shore. A few tugs, and a lot of chases. My brother is a bit taller than I am saw a school go by right in front of him and chased it down the beach. Pretty fun morning. This hook jawed guy was the only one we brought to hand, 24". I think with the pink color he is gonna be a cedar planker tonight. :)
  2. Nice work Dave. That one might be a kelt heading back to the ocean post-spawn in the Duwamish ;) . It must have been pretty exciting seeing them splashing so close to the beach.
  3. A 'kelt'? I would love some education on what that means. I love this site. Learning something everyday.
  4. Sweet, nice fish! I was thinking I might give MA-9 another go this weekend. We'll see if I get occupied with bigger meaner fish elsewhere. ;)
  5. Nice!

    kelt = spawned out fishy btw.
  6. Oh heck: and here I was thinking the fish was a Scot. Hm.
  7. Could someone elaborate on the term "kelt". The thought of a post spawn fish heading back out seems to go against everything I have read on salmon life cycle. Would be very interested in learning more
  8. I was just joking about that silver being a kelt, pacific salmon can't respawn. That buck is likely a hatchery net pen coho having no river to spawn in, so it wanders the saltwater beaches confused until DaveyPetey catches and bonks him.
  9. Ah ok.....makes sense.
  10. Kelts are basically downstreamers. Fish that have done their thing and heading out to sea. Our salmon die in the rivers, while steelhead will return to the ocean.

    I think his comment was a bit of sarcasm.

    Btw, 3 more limits today off West Point. LOTS of fish jumping off the green buoy. Most are doing the "I'm in spawn mode" leap rather than the "I'm gonna chase you down and Octcoho.JPG eat you you little bastard. And when I'm done, I'm gonna chase down your little buddy and eat him too" mode. Smallest fish of the year with most going about 5#. Keep looking for that 20# hooknose but we're getting a bunch of little runts.
  11. The only time that you see post spawn salmon swimming in saltwater is if they get flushed out of the rivers by flood waters. Then it isn't very long before they are crab food.
  12. Man....the BS you see on this site some times! Everyone knows that kelts are short skirts worn by burly Scottsmen while tossing heavy logs.

    btw.. I tried it one time. Not recommended! All I tossed was my left nut followed by my cookies.
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  13. Is it only me thinking that IT IS OVER (at least in MA10) from the fish daveypetey caught??? What do I know, I still think Mike Leach is GREAT :)
    Go Cougs!!!
  14. I prefer to think of the glass as half full...just needs a little less time on the grill since it's precooked.

    daveypetey, how'd it taste?
  15. Well I was gonna cedar plank it tonight, but am still at work. :( You guys think it will be ok one more night in the 35 degree fridge?
  16. Keep your coho packed in crushed ice and it will keep well for 3-5 days. When you cook it just add more chips for an extra smoky flavor.

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