MA11 8/12 Report and ?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by JayB, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. JayB

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    Took a break from DP today and checked out another area on the East side of MA-11. Saw some bait fish jumping, tossed a pink flashabou comet in the general vicinity, and had a nice fish on for a couple of minutes before it tossed the hook. Other than that, I saw one boil and on dorsal fin from 1:30-5:30.
    All quiet on the western front for now. Not sure if we're just in a lull, or the fish are late, or what - but since I'm off until 9/16 I'll be out firing it up *somewhere* in the sound at least 5 days a week.

    Now for the question: anyone ever encounter pinks chasing schools of baitfish? Can't say I ever have, which made me think that the fish that I hooked into on the periphery of the school was a coho, but that's just a guess.
  2. Nick Clayton

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    Of all the salmon I fish for, I know the least about pinks. Not that that is saying much. But judging by the amount of pinks I catch on cut plug herring in the straights, the thought of them chasing bait in the sound seems reasonble.
  3. FerrousTortoise

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    I have caught my fair share of pinks with gear by casting to baitfish that were being chased by something. Still waiting for my first salmon on a fly. Hopefully the action will begin to pick up soon. If anything, maybe I'll be really good at casting by the end of pink season.
  4. John Weston

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    so far the pinks I have seen had nothing in them. so I don't really know if they eat or just chase em. anybody body know or what?
    if the big run is not here yet would they still be out in the ocean schooling up then coming in or are we just being told there is a very big run?
    I hope they are just late and will be here soon. tight lines to all.
    :cool: Outlaw
  5. rockfish

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    Ive been out trolling for kings in the the south part of area 10 north part of area 11 and cant keep them off no matter what I use or how deep I go. There $*#t tons of them out there right now.
  6. mtskibum16

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    That's interesting because we haven't been seeing that many in MA9. I've seen a few landed at the beach but not any big numbers. Maybe someone else has seen more? Perhaps they're not taking their usual path past certain beaches? I have no experience with pinks so I'm just curious if anyone else has some insight on this.
  7. DimeBrite

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    The pinks are definitely out there, but they have evolved to run deep in the salt and avoid shallow beaches. It seems like natural selection has thinned out the dumb pinks that cruised the beaches and ate buzz bombs. Only the smart pinks that hug the bottom and enter the rivers at night remain in the population.
  8. Ping Shen

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    That would certainly be the outcome you would expect, but only after tens, and possibly hundreds of generations. Unless you think the beach fishermen are wiping out nearly 100% of all pinks that take the close-to-shore route (highly unlikely), there's no way "natural" selection has set in after one or two generations...
  9. Stonefish

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    Dimebrite didn't even need a stinger to set the hook........
  10. Fishee

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    I could be wrong, but i personally feel that there isn't that much pink salmon compared to 2011. Who comes up with these numbers anyways? According to "State Fish and Wildlife released salmon forecasts Friday (March 1), and the big news is the 6.2-million forecast of pink salmon returning to Puget Sound this summer."

    I wish I am wrong about this, I personally hope i get to C&R PinKs all day, everyday until my arms falls off! I will be out this weeked on a boat with my old man hoping to get a couple KIngs before the season is over.

    Maybe...I like to say every year that the fish are late.
  11. Steve Kokita

    Steve Kokita FISHON206

    I was out in a boat yesterday, landed 8 pinks and kept 4. We had one big male that was already humped and kind of turning color, the meat was kind of funky in that one. I agree that they might have gotten a little smarter as they aren't showing like seasons past. Maybe they "got the lead out" ;)
  12. rockfish

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    Puget sound is literally chaulk full of salmon right now. Those pinks are out there. Got over 20 kings alone in June. Epic year!
  13. Tacoma Red

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    There's a Darwin Award in this post for someone(s).
  14. Pat Lat

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  15. John Weston

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    hey rockfish, in a boat or on the beach?
  16. Dipnet

    Dipnet aka Tim Hartman

    Just heard here on 8/14 afternoon, via a radio report, that Dash Point Park is closed due to sewage contamination.

    That's all I know.
  17. Kcahill

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    That is going to piss some people off...
  18. ganglyangler

    ganglyangler Bird Dogs and Fly Rods

    You can now catch some brown trout along with a limit of pinks.
  19. plaegreid

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    Chumming with turds is less effective than fishing with the chum turd.
  20. jwg

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    The News Tribune has an article:

    here is part of what it says:

    "Any activities that would expose bare skin to the water, or cause the water to be ingested, should be avoided, the department said.
    As long as fishermen wear waders and carefully wash and cook their catch, fishing at the park is still safe.
    Health officials took additional samples Wednesday to investigate further.
    The beach will stay closed until testing shows a safe bacteria level."