MA11 8/12 Report and ?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by JayB, Aug 12, 2013.

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    Outlaw out in the boat. Out right now. Got one tonight. Trolling
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    Took the boat out for an early AM run in MA11. Beautiful morning with tons of bait at the crack of dawn, so much dimpling the water it looked like rain. 2 for 5 pinks on the fly. Same story of spotty action for the run so far this year. There are fish in the there, but you have to work for them. They seem to hold a bit deeper down as well and I've had more connections on a sinking leader rather than floating line.
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    I had good luck off a boat last wednesday using an intermediate line and heavily weighted flashy pink fly. The fish were taking the fly 3-5 ft off the bottom in 12 feet of water. Action was hit and miss as we had to wait for small schools to swim through.
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    If I was writing headlines for The News Tribune it would read "Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department Poo-Poohs Dash Point Pink Salmon Fishery"