MA11: Wind and Gillnets.

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  1. Had a skunky morning in MA11 today, one tug and alot of wind, pretty out though and rather mild.
    Towards the end of my run I noticed what looked like netting on a piling across the creek. I went over, cut it free and chucked it into the back of the truck. I plan on salvaging the floats of some unknown use down the road and tossing the netting. Should I report this or is it pretty common to come across this stuff. I always figure it would be a huge hazard for local wildlife.
    Anyway, perhaps next trip out the wind will abate :)



  2. That first photo is great! Man I love it out there - what an amazing place we get to spend our free time! Good job hauling the net out. No idea if you should report it since you removed it, but I guess it wouldn't hurt anything to report it.
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  3. Caution: By removing that net you have violated the Boldt Decision ruling. ;)
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  4. I think there is a hotline for reporting derelict nets. Maybe in the regs somewhere? Can't remember where I've seen that.

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  5. Page 119 in the WA regs has info on Ghost nets/removal programs. do any of the floats have numbers written on them? In Alaska, we were supposed to write an ID floats throughout the net to associate our gear to a commercial permit. If there are no ID numbers, WDFW probably can't "chat with anyone" about losing gear.
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  6. Thanks for the tips and such, I will call tomorrow and see what they say. Like ScottD said to look numbers exist so the only positive outcome is this mess is out of the Sound.
  7. The lead line at the bottom of the net makes some pretty sweet anchor rope.. :)
  8. Sent off the report, i'll post any relevant replies.
  9. oh boy, bobbers.
  10. If thats where I think it is it would be easy to track them down maybe it would help get them barred from netting within a hundred yards of the creek/back lagoon. The indians ended my staging coho efforts overnight. I had two weeks of excelent night fishing, then I brought a friend out a couple days after catching my limit of coho and releasing a few chum in between. Lets just say it was eerily quiet, I had my suspiscions about what was going on, then a couple days later I returned at night and they were in full force. before I left i asked them what their catch was and they said about 35 or so chums and a few silvers. But then he let me know the netting was much better a few nights early and they got 150 coho. no wonder the fishing turned off like a light. 35 cents a pound for chum and 2.50 for coho, plus money for the eggs. split between 8-9 people minus gas and lost nets I hope it was a wash and they dont come back next year. end rant.

  11. Fondly referred to as "creek robbing" by the commercials...
  12. And trawlers are "bottom rapers."

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