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    Hey gents. I'm going to be down in Olympia this weekend and looking for a beach to hit for SRC's or rezzies. I don't wanna bogart on anybody's fishin spots but since I'm not from the area and know nothing about the fishing situation down there, I could use a tip or two...or three. Also I'm throwing out the invite if anybody wants to join me. Thanks guys for the continued help.
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    By far the most productive manner of beach fishing for Resident Coho, the tiny hatchery adolescents that plague MA 13, is to sit on the beach with a pair of binoculars and scan everywhere with some moving current. When you see the 12 inchers jump and rise, run to the closest casting vantage. Be sure to have the Chariots of Fire theme song in your head, and sprint like Usain Bolt. When you reach that spot, cast, and if you are lucky they might still be there, if not, scan again, run to the next rise. If you do not have bruises on your chest from the binoculars bashing against your sternum, you were not running hard enough.

    The ideal feeding ground for a resident coho remains one where large volumes of water funnel through small areas.

    Sea Run Coastal Cutthroat Trout are a far more interesting quarry, they can be just about anywhere so long as there is current and cover.
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    The biggest issue in Oly is public access. Tolmie St Park will hold coho if the tide is high enough, and that is your typical option here; public parks like Walker County Park out in Shelton, Frye Cove etc. Look in your gazette.

    There is good coho fishing here, but it's best from a boat.
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    Tolmie is closed Monday and Tuesday as well.
    The launch at Nisqually, though, is pretty great; but is often busy.