MA9 bonanza owed to Peninsula Outfitters expertise!!!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Adrian, Aug 12, 2013.

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    The early morning bite in MA9 between dawn and 6:30 am has been a full blown bonanza. With that said I decided to leave my spinning rod and plug herring at home and only bring the fly rod. I've come to understand the bite comes in waves(no pun intended). In that if I decide to fish plug herring on gear, I am only fishing plug herring on gear. No changing up colors or lures, not worried that this fly is 1/16" of an inch too long in relation to the bait in the water, I have herring and that is it. The bite comes and goes and that is just the way it is. So I fished a white and chartreuse clouser minnow and that is all I decided to fish. Pandemonium ensued. I played 4 or 5 fish, I had bumps from another 4 or 5, I had one to hand and should have had another to hand but I became arrogant and tried to film the encounter. While fumbling for my phone, the fish popped off.

    The fly and pole I fished was from Cpt. Bill Drewry's shop in Poulsbo, WA called Peninsula Outfitters.

    The fly I fished was hand tied by Richard Stoll who moonlights at Peninsula Outfitters from time to time:

    So why the plug for Peninsula Outfitters? It is a demonstration of how important your local fly shop is. NO ONE knows the waters better, NO ONE knows the methods and techniques better and few people have the credentials to back it up. Oh, who's this nice gentleman at the counter? He suggested using this popper or that streamer. Does he know what he is talking about? Is he just trying to sell me something? It's not like he wrote the book on fly fishing inland saltwater for Pacific salmon...or wait, he actually did!

    So, take the class that is offered this month and next month and next month. It is money well spent. If you spend your money at Peninsula Outfitters or somewhere else just spend it at your local shop. The knowledge shared by Peninsula Outfitters between counter time and classes led me to catch and release salmon fishing on a fly because I limited in the first 20 minutes of fishing!

    A big shout out to Bill Drewry, Richard Stoll and Ted Teather! Thanks guys!

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    The first photo was from Sunday before last, this photo was from yesterday. That's a coho coffin!

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  3. Dipnet aka Tim Hartman

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    Yeah, my wife gave me a casting lesson from Richard for my birthday. He's a very nice guy and his tips really improved my ability to toss a fly!
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    The coho coffin includes my limit with the yellow rope through the jaws, a friend and also his son. The son caught the monster buck on top.
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    Nice haul. That top one looks like a beast. Never been to PO but I may have to stop by on my way out west.
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    They are some good guys in there and tons of knowledge on salmon!