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  1. fished this morning on S river. went 5 for 6. many, many fish moving through. rain really got em on the bite. all pinks. saw more than a few slivers clear the water all dime bright and moving. not over yet.
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  2. Always "fish for coho" and you'll probably catch pinks anyways if they are around. Most use a fast strip, intermediate lines, and clouser or shock n awe patterns with trailer hooks. I might be at PC next couple of days, say hello if you spot me in with my brown ball cap and grey Sage lumbar pack.
  3. Exactly. Arrive at the high ebb and fish the outgoing. This is the week.

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  4. Humpy hollow was cleaned out by netting. See below article from Seattle Times newspaper. Hopefully more fish will fill in behind hole in the water left by netting. My understanding is that the fish are sought for their eggs and sold to asian markets, and carcasses are generally discarded.
    August 28, 2013 at 3:58 PM
    Schools of pinks still the top choice in most of Puget Sound

    Posted by Mark Yuasa
    The pink salmon action in central Puget Sound remains very good, but those up along the east side of Whidbey Island were finding a hard time.

    “We did two trips (on Tuesday) and had 24 fish by 11 a.m., and got 19 more in three hours of fishing in the afternoon right out in front of Shilshole Bay,” said Gary Krein, owner of All-Star Charters in Shilshole Bay. “Some days it starts right off the gate at daybreak, and other days it is 9 or 10 a.m. You just have to hang in there, and I am convinced the bite will come on.”

    On the downside those fishing in the Mukilteo south to Shipwreck-Possession Point boundary have struggled for pinks as a tribal purse seine commercial fishery has been ongoing.

    “That area has been getting hammered by commercial nets, which weren’t there in years past, and their even fishing on the weekends,” Krein said.

    Krein says there are also quite a few coho mixed into the catch as well.
    “Some guys I know are coming up with 10 coho a day and the best catch seems to be more at places like West Pointa and up by Edmonds,” Krein said. “All you need to do is speed up the troll a little bit, and go with white or light green hootchie (plastic squid) which will increase your odds for coho.”
    Locally, catches of pinks and some coho have been good in front of Edmonds Marina; Meadow Point to West Point near Shilshole Bay; Browns Bay; Jefferson Head; Possession Bar; and Alki Point south to Tacoma. Elliott Bay is open daily for pinks starting Friday, and fishing has picked up.
    Pier and beach anglers were hooking pinks at Lincoln Park off West Seattle, Golden Gardens, Elliott Bay piers, Dash Point Pier, Browns Point, Deception Pass, Point No Point, Des Moines, Redondo and west side of Whidbey Island.

  5. Thanks for the tip on the tide game. This is the first year I've gone after salmon and this surprised me a bit as it seems counterintuitive. Wouldn't the incoming tides push fish closer to shore to be within casting distance? Or is it more a matter of when the fish are feeding?
  6. I think fish don't come in very close during the incoming tide (on beaches with weak currents) because the water is too shallow and the bait is not in very close, but the deep water during high tide and currents generated by the tide change stir up bait and keep them closer to shore. They can then be more easily targeted with flies and chased out with the tide. Just a theory, but I certainly have caught more fish on MA10 beaches while chasing the outgoing tide.
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  7. Super interesting. Thank you. I wonder if that's why I've had "low"* success rates.

    * Low is a speculative term reserved for not fulling disclosing the depths of my personal failures.
  8. I think it differs from beach to beach. Some beaches fish best at certain tide stages. The trick is to fish the same beaches enough to figure these little details out. IMO there is no stand fast rule for best time to fish the beach. Just keep putting in the time and you will eventually start to see little patterns that develop.
  9. I completely agree with Nick, it varies by beach. I think the theory I put forward (I'm not the originator) may hold water for many MA10 and east-side MA9 beaches that have weak currents at best, unlike some "point" beaches that have real big rips.

    When there are big rips, I don't know if it matters at all what the tide stage is; there is often much more baitfish activity so I just go toss a fly in the rip and good things sometime happen.
  10. I guess my theory is more of a hypothesis now; I went out to collect some "data" last night and this morning after high ebb tides at a MA9 beach. Definitely good, "fishy" conditions on the outgoing, with manageable salad, and lots of jumpers to cast at. Fished for coho with a big clouser, but caught a handful of big buck pinks instead. They sure were willing to eat the big fly.

    Rain was moving in right as I left the beach this morning. I have a feeling the sound is going to turn murky by tomorrow, as it did after last week's rain. I hope it clears up fast.
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  11. Bah! I shouldn't have slept in this morning, especially with thunderRaindome inbound this afternoon.
  12. You missed out! Conditions were perfect this morning and I could see lightning down south, but the rain didn't start till I was leaving. Still LOTS of fish moving through with some big jumpers out of casting range... coho perhaps?
  13. Ya this morning was miserable, but oh so good.

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  14. Nice work Nick!
    Pretty set scales and just a bit of color on that top fish.
  15. That, dear Sir, is a much more exciting photograph than the one I posted.

    say one was bull-headed enough to fish your side of the water in even more miserable weather, such as is coming tomorrow. Would fishing in such weather be worthwhile given proper raingear and a thermos of hot coffee? I have never fished your beaches in bad weather (rain and probably some winds).
  16. Man its so hard to say. If it gets worse than it did this morning then you'd be wasting your time and gas.

  17. I wish I wasn't working this week. I'm just thinking about all the 'hos out there.
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