Macro Photography Set-Ups?

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Loren Jensen, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. hey guys! i have been trying to make a nice little set up for taking pictures of my flies. can you guys post up pictures of your set-up?

  2. Food for thought..

  3. I would use a tripod + tabletop, and put the table top next to the largest window in ur house on a cloudy day. should be a great light source. let me know if you have any more specific questions, try to shoot at at least f5.6 to maintain depth of field on the fly.

    what lense are you using?
  4. thanks!

    ok sounds good. i am just using a kodak z740. nothing fancy. i've been looking at news lenses though, just need more money
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  6. thanks for the help...will keep checking the blog
  7. My setup is similiar to Norm's tying desk but my camera is an old digital and doesn't take very good macro shots. Can you guys suggest a P&S that takes decent macro. My old camera doesn't have IS and too long a shutter lag.
  8. I use a Canon Powershot D10 and my wife has a Powershot S2. Both take great macro shots.

    Update: I just got an aGent V5 web cam. It has 5 MP HD video. The part I like most about it is it has manual focus and not auto focus. There have been times, especially trying to capture video, the auto focus keeps picking up other things and the focal point changes, which is a PITA in macro mode. I place it on a GorillaPod and can get it right on top of the fly for a photo but it's also not in the way when videoing a tying demo.

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