Made it out on the Lake Today

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Loren Jensen, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. depression ALWAYS has rednecks throwing powerbait or some nasty shit. grandy has some huge rainbows and some huge bass too
  2. I think we need an outting..... :)
  3. if you come up chef bring a tent and make it a weekend there is tons of beautiful lakes to fish up here and some great camping spots. i would be happy to show you around.
  4. same here chef..and same to anyone else that would wanna come up. it's great up there. seriously like i go on a drive up there when i'm bored/upset and i come back stoked. it's a great place
  5. I would love to camp out but time is a killer for me and I need to get camping equipment
  6. i have a huge tent i could bring, i will probably sleep in the back of my truck. we have all the way until summer or spring break, so we will have a plan by then
  7. went out to pass with camoclad today. windy windy!! saw some guys catching fish, but not us. camo got a nibble but that was it. still had fun and stopped in at fidalgo island bait and tackle, i suggest everyone to stop by!
  8. Were you those first 2 in at the launch? Bummer, was hoping to compare notes at the far end. I went down roadside while you guys went toward the house, but I think we kept going opposite directions after that. The lake coughed up a ton throughout the day but everything was right against shore, esp where the wind beat against it. If you go out again in the near future work the shorelines hard...this warm water at the surface is bringing them in shallow. Anyhow, I caught up w/ a couple of guys in pontoons but they were different guys. I think you had left by then.
  9. ahh! we were trying to figure out who it was out there in the back in the boat. camo got the bite right by the weed beds on the non-road side. we would have stayed longer but the wind was kickin our asses. next time we will work one out of the weed beds. thanks ford!
  10. That was me and my buddy who were the first ones at the launch. had fun but man was it windy. Really tough to keep the boat straight and not to do 360's.
  11. We trolled on Sunday when it was really windy (at Lone) and it worked pretty good going against the wind.
  12. we you guys in the green/gray and the blue/gray boats?
  13. yeah that was us
  14. oh badass dude, i couldn't tell, hence we've neve rmet haha. what were you guys using?
  15. green leeches. i got one nice Brown and my budy got three rainbows. The wind really kicked our ases
  16. yeah i saw your buddy landing fish and i was like wtf lol. i was using a dark brown and black leech. that wind was all over the place. sucked a fat one
  17. silver: you still planning on lone at the end of the month?
  18. still planning on it. camocald is still on the fence about it. i'm gonna try to get out there if you or someone else is there.

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