Madison Report Late June 06

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  1. Fished the madison while camped at the slide, while the salmonfly hatched remain in the the varney area. I dont think I fished with a floating line on the first evening, the fish were on olive over white marabou streamers around 5" that were stripped as fast as possible through likely spots. Caught a ton of fish that from 17-22" using this method. They obliterated these rainbow imitations, and I saw between the 3 of us 4 browns over 25", one lost at boat and caused by a very under the boat around the oars disconnection, one followed my streamer 25' and when he was about to inhale it with mouth open it had gotten to the point to where his back was three inches out of the water and he stopped and drifted back out. I cast to him in an extremely fast run in between hebgan amd quake for over 45 minutes. but to no avail. Just the previous week bob jacklin caught a 30" 10 lb brown in the same run pretty much, wicked. The other i watched come up to my salmonfly imitation and think better, then proceed to murder my dads bug, and he missed em. Huge fish, maybe 27". The other I hooked in the deepest darkest timber slot between lyons and pal. I hooked him on 6" yellow cougar, set into him, he made a half leap/half flop and he was off. DEVESTATION. Proceeded to put on a clinic the following days with the same methos but fishing was real tough when we left. Not to mention our yukon xl fuel pump failed in spokane, where we had to night drop it at dealership where it was towed to, rent a car to show up at creeky for work today. It must of been mid nineties out on I90. Good damn

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  2. I need to go fishing with you. Nice pics
  3. nice report & pics!
  4. yea me and andy ran into u guys that first night. i really sholdve stayed on the same river as you guys, and a flashlight wouldve helped. i cought quite a few but nothing over 20".
  5. I'm heading to the Madison near Ennis, MT the first week of September. I've never have fished the Maddy, so I'm looking for some recommendations for flies to tie up before hand. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  6. streamers. Also, if the weather is bad there will be early beatis hatches. Hopppers ants...
  7. Thanks Dan. I reread your post and have a better idea. 5-6" streamers, that is just amazing. Never fished any flies like that before, but I'll give it a try and report back. We'll be fishing near Ennis so hopefully the water will be similar to where you were. I've been told that the the Ennis stretch is mainly flat 40 miles of slow moving current with no pools to speak of.
  8. That area is great for the wading angler. There are thousands of islands, channels, and sand bars. Great streamer fishing and lots of big fish. Youll be there during the ennis on the madison festival which will be pretty fun.

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