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  1. So my wife is from lake stevens and we are planning a trip to visit her family. In order to spend as little time with the inlaws as posible I will be doing a lot of fishing. My rod is an L.L. Bean stream light ultra its a 9ft 6wt. Is this rod acceptable for steelhead? Also tips tricks and location information would be nice.
  2. When are you planning to visit?

    For winter steelhead I will say you are extremely under gunned using the rod you mentioned. Especially if you have never fished steelhead before.
  3. Hi Clint,
    I agree with Kerry. You are undergunned for wild winter fish. However, you would be O.K. for summer run steelhead if you hooked the fish in a location where you had ample room to let the fish run and tire itself out. You would be hard-pressed to horse in even a hatchery summer run with a 6wt. Location depends on when you are going to be visiting. Run timing and location is complex.

  4. You will only be under gunned if you hook a fish! Your odds of catching fish increase tremendously by hiring a good guide. Look for one on the Olympic Peninsula.
  5. think along the lines of using that same rod for stripahs.:eek:
  6. Yeah its my stripah and land lock pole. But I herd steelhead where the way to go in WA. What sort or fly is recomended for winter run? I'm planning the trip for the end of next month.
  7. It's going to require hours of driving from lake stevens to fish for steelhead in March. And your 6wt isn't enough rod.
    If you do go out, fly selection for winter fish doesn't mean much. A simple selection of buggers and/or leeches in a few colors will do.
  8. See if someone on this or the main forum wants to split a guided trip on the coast rivers. For $200 +tip, you will have all the right gear, the best chance at catching a steelhead and have some great fun. I'd suggest you call Caleb Hitzfeld (360-640-8513) -- he lives in Forks, WA and is A+.
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  9. "See if someone on this or the main forum wants to split a guided trip on the coast rivers. For $200 +tip, you will have all the right gear, the best chance at catching a steelhead and have some great fun. "
    X2. Your chances of getting a Steelhead on your 1st trip to a new area, never having fished for them is extremely small. They are'nt called the fish of 1000 casts for nothing.
  10. He is lying to u its actually fish of 10000 casts
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  11. For me, the first was a fish of 4+ years. :rolleyes:
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  12. What is this some sort of out of towner routine? You all make it seem like the steelheads a great white ryno. I got the 8wt rod and I've looked up some popular winter run steelie flies changed the trip to april and can't belive I would need a guided trip. Maybee your all right and ill get skunked but if I don't I can't wait to post the pics. Lol thanks for the info guys
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  13. One Yankee to another: It used to be a freindlier crowd around here. If you can handle Stripers and Blues on your 8 weight, you will do fine here on Steelhead too. If you hook one. Try reading through the steelhead forum, and the spey forum, and do some searches here on steelhead, winter steelhead etc. As for flies, there are so many patterns you could get lost. And as many philosophies about what the right flies are as there are people using them- it boggles the mind. It helps to remember that for over 100 years people have been using a lead weight, a hook lashed with a few inch hank of red yarn, heavy line, and a mouthful of tobacco juice to catch these fish. So maybe the pattern is not as critical as the presentation- deep and s-l-o-w. "Anything is good as long as it is black and purple", that's a common refrain. You won't have any trouble finding the right fly. There are some nice ones listed on this site's fly tying gallery page, some with tying instructions. Good luck on your adventure!
  14. Thank you bob
  15. You asked questions and you got answers with some advice to hire a guide. Good advice. Steelhead are difficult to catch and some here provided you with information that would up your chances of catching one. I see where no one gave you the "out of town" treatment. Bring your 8wt. and good luck. If you hook up and land one of our wild winter steelhead good on you. I have seen first timers hook up with a few casts. I also know people that have fished for them for years without catching one. The truth is if you don't know where to fish or how to fish for steelhead you likely won't see one but you will still be able to enjoy the beauty of the NW rivers.
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  16. Like Kerry says a first timer can catch fish. A friend and I took a guy visiting from Vermont steelheading on a coastal stream early in the winter season. He caught five. Seems like my friend and I only got one or two.

    The guy was just out of college and about 90-percent fly fishing bum. He figured this steelhead thing was cake, so he moved out here. He fished for something like another year and didn't catch another fish.

    Ended up moving to Montana and guiding for one of the big shops to support his habit.

    He's visited a few times since and he did eventually catch another. But the point is that on that first day he had a couple of guys with him who halfway knew what we were doing and knew the rivers.

    A second point is that steelheading is fickle and sometimes it's a lot about luck and/or kissing up to the stealhead gods in the hope of winning favor.
  17. Hey! I live in Lake Stevens. Actually I'd volunteer to help you but I've been trying for about 3 years and no fish yet.
    Having said that my next trip (later this week) out is likely the one. I'm pretty sure.
  18. Clint, welcome from another Yank. One thing that might explain why some of the responses may not have sounded helpful is Steelhead here are not plentiful like in the Great Lakes area - not a white rhino but close. Our steelhead have been ESA-listed as either Threatened or Endangered on most WA rivers and some would argue that they all should be ESA-listed. Think of them as Atlantics in ME 30 years ago and re-read the posts; the answers might make more sense - and sound more helpful. I truly know people who have fished for 10+ years without catching one. I don't fish for them on that side of the state so I'll let the locals continue to fill you in.

    Our regulations can take a law degree to understand so be sure to ask questions if you if you have any. (a quick look on this site will reveal a great many regs questions by WA residents) Bring good rain gear and lots of warm layers. I live in snow country but find that the 45 degree coastal wet weather feels colder and more bone-chilling than a 10 degree day here.

    One last thing, if you do hire a guide, that Yankee Bob Triggs would be a great choice!
  19. Oh I don't know, what about the risk? How would you feel about giving a guy the advice to catch the last one?
  20. You can never know what you don't know. You can only know what you didn't know. You clearly don't know what you don't know. That is alright.

    Tip #1 Steelhead water is a specific thing. A lot of the river is not steelhead water.

    Tip #2 Steelhead fly water is a specific thing and can be very rare on a lot of rivers.

    Good luck!

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