Make Your Super Bowl Predictions...

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Super Bowl predictions

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  1. Denver will win

  2. Seattle will win

  3. Peyton will be sacked 4 times or more

  4. Richard Sherman will get thrown to, more than 4 times

  5. The game will be decided by 3 points or less

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  1. I'm bored, and this seems like fun. It was either this or clean the garage... :eek:

    You can select more than one.
  2. What's the prize for the correct answers?
  3. Nothing because the poster was bored.
  4. Well.... that just won't do. 90% of everyone here will indicate the Hawks will win. I'm not so sure they will but I'm not swimming against the current if no prize is involved :D

  5. Now I'm doing "honey do's".

    Hey, there's no shame in predicting what you really think will happen.
  6. It's time to ride!
  7. I have never been wrong once on a superbowl prediction in my entire adult life.. Anyways, I predict that I will have a cold beverage in my hand the entire game.
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  8. A wide receiver will catch more passes than I have caught steelhead this winter.
  9. Normally I would say screw the supebowl and go fishing. Talk about having the water to yourself! But as Seattle is in it this year, I'll probably watch. Maybe even attend a party.
  10. My daughter ran around Seattle during the last game doing errands.

    She was traffic, no lines, no waiting for anything.

    My wife feels sorry for Seattle fans. I guess it would be great to watch Peyton Manning cap a great year.

    OK, I am rooting for the game to end and for baseball season to start. Why don't they show winter ball on ESPN instead of that basketball stuff?
  11. Seattle 28
    Denver 23

    I think Seattle's D will be the difference...and Peyton's immobility their achilles heel.
  12. Anybody know anybody going? a friend is a reporter for the New Jersey Star Ledger and is covering interesting fan stories and is looking for Seahawk and Bronco fans that have a great story and will be at the game...if you have any Pm me and I'll pass it on.

    It's kind of ridiculous when you think about it, the cost of a ticket prices out the bulk of die hard fans, and with it so close to so many corporate blow hard NYC douchebags the crowd will be (my prediction) totally sedate, smug and quiet and crammed with folks who don't give a crap about the Broncos or the Hawks. Here's hoping it's a frigid snowy mess and the real fans show...
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  13. Yeah, ... maybe we can get those yahoos that throw snowballs from the stands. :eek:
  14. The left guard has caught more
  15. Why did this make me angry? I never get angry at stuff like this. Vladimir, you made me mad. Why did you say those things?
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  16. Hawks 115
    Broncos -6
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  17. Dude, that is sooooo close to the actual split it's amazing. You should give go to Vegas.
  18. Ahhh, check this out, you kinda called it.

  19. Say it isn't so!

    Actually, I only caught 8 this year... but I only went out 4 times so I'm okay with it.

    I bet Lynch doesn't get a hundred yards though. Then again, if there's a foot of snow on the ground...

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