Make Your Super Bowl Predictions...

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Super Bowl predictions

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  1. Denver will win

  2. Seattle will win

  3. Peyton will be sacked 4 times or more

  4. Richard Sherman will get thrown to, more than 4 times

  5. The game will be decided by 3 points or less

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  1. A trophy for the winning team.

    You would get three ATTA BOY STICKERS, if YOU are the winner.
  2. The real question is who will have the best commercial.

    It will be hard to beat the Budweiser frogs and lizards (and weasel) commercial from a SB long ago.
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  3. Don't really give a damn who wins....none of these people mean anything to me, and were they to happen across notice of my death it wouldn't be worthy of their attention.

    Quite a few of my coworkers go entire sports seasons with their emotional health entirely dependent upon 'their' various teams' failure or the point it affects interpersonal relationships, attention to detail, and productivity in a detrimental manner. All it really means is that their lives must be so impoverished that they must live vicariously through 'heroes'.
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  4. I predict that the local rivers will have less traffic and I will be out enjoying landing a nice winter steelhead :)
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  5. ...or that the rivers are all closed or might as well be and watching a bunch of overpaid football players from the comfort of a recliner with plenty of sin food and beer is a consolation prize for destroyed fisheries.

    (I do agree with you that some allow sports to become a bit obsessive).
  6. Although I want Seattle to win I don't think there offense is good enough to keep up!

    What I would like to see is Seattle's defense to keep there frick'n mouth shut and just play the game! All that trash talking is taking a toll on my like for the team. Just hit hard and shut-the-hell-up!!!
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  7. I predict I'll eat a lot, drink a lot and be happy Seattle won.:D
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  9. Seattle 34 Denver 24
    Manning throws a pick 6
    Harvin runs one back
    Wilson runs for a TD and passes one to Lynch
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  10. You should talk to your doctor about upping your Paxil dosage.
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  11. I could give two shits either way.
    I would like to see hawks win for the fans and community in general.
    Cash bets, i would take broncos.

    I have some friends that have worked on their beer bellys and bad hygiene for many years now, and to see seattle win, they could finally justify their couch potato status and the reasons they never get laid.
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  12. I have three buddy's going to the Super Bowl and my prediction is knowing these guy's they will end up in jail. Go hawks!!!!!
  13. Someone mentioned this fact.... both teams come from States that recently legalized the recreational use of marijuana.


  14. Heard Art Thiel refer to it this morning as the 'Stupor Bowl'.

  15. I've lived in the Seattle area now for almost 30 years and remember all too well the Seahawks' only other SB appearance in 2006 where we were victimized by a blown call that negated what would have been a go-ahead touchdown. The level of energy and pride today dwarfs the support the team had back then.

    Yet Seattle is a town with a long history of frustration with it's sport teams. With only a handful of stellar seasons in the past couple of decades, the Ms and the Seahawks have been a predictable disappointment. The last time a men's pro sports team won a national title was the Sonics back during the Nixon administration. Even the Huskies' glory days seem to have been in the James years back in the 1990s.

    IMHO, this town has become so used to having the winning rug yanked out from under it that only now are we even close to having a clue how to support our teams.

    An article in Sports Illustrated yesterday seems to put it's finger right on how that mood has changed here in the final days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday:

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  16. All the years of male pro sports and 1 championship for the Sonics. Bring in a female pro sport ( hoops) and they win 2 titles in 10 years.

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  17. Oh man! I don't know if anyone here remembers the Thursday following the 2006 SB, but on 'Mike and Mike' on ESPN @ 6:45 am, they made an official announcement that read something like: Due to legal reasons, encouraged by the National Football League, we are no longer allowed to discuss the penalty calls on this past weekends Super Bowl."

    The went right to commercial, and when they came back, they were right on talking about tomorrow's show, and the NBA.

    Fast forward 3 and a half years, and Mike Ditka is on there ripping, absolutely ripping the refs on the bad calls in that SB. It was right durring the time when that NBA official was outsted for calling games to shave points. That's what the discussion was about with Ditka, and he saw it as an opportunity to call out the NFL for the 2006 SB.

    That one call Kent (if we are thinking of the same one) was when Stevens caught that pass and took it to the 1 and a half yard line... ?

    That flag was thrown after the play was over, COMPLETELY over, and the team was jogging down the field to huddle.

    The number of the player they called for holding... wasn't even on the field!

    Naw... there's no corruption in the NFL...:rolleyes:
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  18. That's the one. I don't know about corruption and won't comment on that, but the guy who threw the flag recently retired and was quoted in The Times as having regretted his call for years afterward.

    We was robbed.

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  19. Well just for the "record", my corruption comment was made in jest.

    Also, why would a ref feel that bad about one particular wrong call, that many years later... I'm "guessing" that he, they, something was going on that we'll never know about. I truly believe that, and I'm not a die hard Hawks fan either. Even the east coast talk radio shows hammered on about it.

    Forget about the Hawks, that game was obvious to even the Steeler fans, something wasn't "normal".
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  20. I absolutely LOVE Super Bowl Sunday - it's just about my favorite day of the year! I only wish Super Bowl Sunday happened every weekend. I get to steelhead fish all day and have my pick of runs while everyone else is watching TV! My prediction is that one team will win and I'll be clearing ice from my guides when it happens!

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