Mallard Flies

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Jacob Peterson, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Jacob Peterson Member

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    I have a bunch of mallard feathers. Any body got a pattern that uses them?
  2. sharpshooter223 Member

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    look for the pheasant tailed flymph in the faol fly of the week archive, its fairly near the top of the archive page, anyway it shows a good method for making soft hackles that you could apply the the flank feathers.
  3. Stephen Butter Member

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    The Knudsen Spider and Reversed Spider use Mallard flank. The patterns I use are out of Les Johnson's "Fly-Fishing Coastal Cutthroat Trout".

  4. ozcast Member

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    Parachute posts, steelhead collars, caddis antennea, zug bugs, traditional dry fly split wings for the flank feathers. If you have wing feathers, - no hackles, Caddis pupa wings, flying ant wing. Tons of uses...
  5. ak_powder_monkey Proud to Be Alaskan

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    overwings on blue smolt and zoo cougers
  6. Jacob Peterson Member

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    Thanks Guys. Im gonna tie up a bunch of spiders. But first i need to get my allowance and by some hooks!!!
  7. D3Smartie Active Member

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    i used to fish a #4 Knudson's spider for staging coho with great success. mallard hackle with a chartruese body. It caught me a lot of fish and is very easy to tie
  8. Davy Active Member

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    McNeese' Black Duck Spey can be dressed with the black butt plummage found on a greenhead . Also wings on fan wing drys are to be had, and you'll also find some of the butt plummage has some sweet black/white feathers which may inspire you. This in addition to all the common soft hackles and spiders and spey wings you can dress from a mallard . cheers !
  9. Tom Bowden Active Member

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    Tom Murray's Rolled Muddler uses mallard breast for the wing. This fly is more popular in BC than down here, but it's one of my favorite flies for searuns and resident coho. The pattern is readily available on several BC web sites - just do a search. I like a silver body with natural mallard wing, and a gold body with dyed gold mallard wing. Variations that I like are a cone head, red wool gills, and an olive marabou over-wing.
  10. CJCarstens New Member

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    Hello Jacob.

    The Rolled Muddler is a very popular pattern up here as Tom has already pointed out. Here is the recipe:

    Hook - Tmc 5262 0r 5263
    Tail - Mallard flank
    Body - Silver or gold mylar tinsel or opal mirage tinsel
    Rib - Small or fine wire to match body, counter wrapped to protect tinse
    Under flash - 3 strands pearl flashabou, doubled back and trimmed to length of taill
    Under wing - Mallard flank
    Over wing - Deer hair spun and clipped to form head leaving some deer hair tips extending over mallard

    This is a photo of the bead head version. I just did 8 dozen for a shop up here in natural and olive size 8's for cutthroat. I do them in size 6's for coho (silvers)