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Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by IveofIone, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. .....hasn't anyone been catching spiny rays? I don't want to brag but I have been catching some foot-long crappies down on the river.

    Whassup' out there?

  2. I've been dying to take the girls to the lake that has some spiny rays. So far there is always some reason why mom does not want to go or the neighborhood kids show up as I'm hitching up the trailer. Interests change fast when you are 5 and 7 I guess.
  3. Mumbles - this is directed at your seeming magical ability to catch foot long crappie and my skuinkalicsious time doing the same thing. Not a personal attack but - YOU SUCK! The last four times I went out looking for crappie all i got was a headache-bug bites and more ulcers. So - care to share the magical secret? I do a quarter pound of my soul left to sell for said knowledge.....HMMMMMM?
  4. Andy, I have no secret. I've never caught a crappie on a fly...yet. I think you have Crappe Master Ive of Ione mixed up with a useless mumbler. Ive knows many things, crappies are just one of them.
  5. Busy putting up fruit and veggies for winter, the last couple of weekends, does that count.
    Foot long crappie? you must be some place with warm water in winter.
    Crappie around here, if you can find'em are pretty small.
  6. LOL-----ok dont HAVE to share your knowledge I'll just keep on pluggin away....LMAO.
  7. I caught a mess of panfish and small bass on Sunday. Fried in peanut oil with potato chip crumb breading made for good eats, but the kids ate most of it before I finished cooking, so not much for me.

    I have been lurking about here for a while now; I never thought my first post would be about warmwater fishing, but oh, well. Those little guys are a lot of fun. I wish I had a 2-weight to fish them with, but the better ones are fun on the 4-weight. I caught four different species, with bluegill accounting for a large majority. One crappie, which was delicious, as usual. In my experience, all panfish are quite tasty, but crappie and bass are a slight cut above.

    Once you find a bunch of bluegill, you can usually pick up fish on every cast for a short while. In one spot, I picked up 10 fish. Not much bend in the rod, but lots of good sport.

    Hearing Ive of Ione speak of 12-inchers gets my blood pumping. Once those fish get to be about 6 inches long, every inch after that almost doubles their weight. What slabs those must be!
  8. Andy, seriously, you've got the wrong guy. Re-read IveofIone's opening post:

    Andy, I've got no knowledge with regard to the crappies of any size. I have never fished for them here, not with a fly rod, not with gear. I have not fished for crappie since I was a young teenager in the lakes of Northern Indiana. However, if you are plugging away and need some company in the crappie skunk fest, let me know. I've got an interest, just never made the time yet.
  9. I know thAt guys....the confusion, retard fisherman was part of the joke and yes - Ive - I am
  10. Dang, now Andy really has me on the ropes. Both eyes welled shut and he's opened a significant gash over the bridge of my nose. I'm not sure if he is reminding everyone that I'm a retard fisherman or stating that in order to share knowledge of fishing I have to HAVE knowledge of fishing. Regardless, well played, eight, nine, ten. Ding ding ding, the winner by knockout...Andy!
  11. LOL- Thank you Mumbles it's the ONLY thing I've won in quite a while.....
  12. Andy, you're on a hot streak, go get them fish.
  13. Would that I could Mumbles - I've caught more bug bites than fish in the last little
  14. Damn hot weather made the mlifoil go wild . . . choked-up all my fav carp & bass spots. C'mon September & October . . . and Brookies and Steel and flies, oh my . . . .

  15. Really? I never liked bass all that much. Often muddy tasting. Love me some crappie though, and bluegills aren't too far behind. For eating, I say crappie>bluegill>>bass

    If you DO have a bunch of bass to eat, I recommend making basserole...kinda like squash casserole but with fish instead of squash. Yeah, enough cheese and cream and you'd be surprised what tastes good.
  16. Walleye>Perch>Crappie> Bluegill>Catfish>Bass.
  17. I should qualify my remark that bass are "a cut above" bluegill with the fact that I have very limited experience with eating bass. That said, those I have eaten so far (all small, if that makes any difference), have been really good. Of course, lots of things that might be less desirable otherwise taste great when deep fried in peanut oil, especially where potato chips are substituted for bread crumbs. I got that idea from a guy on another board, and if any of you haven't tried it, you should. Nothing like adding fried goodness to more fried goodness. May my heart forgive me....

    I gotta give props on the "basserole" dish. That combines a lot of great tastes with a solid pun, which is always in good taste in my book.

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