Manastash Lake - Any recent intel?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by dibling, May 5, 2014.

  1. (Mandatory disclaimers: I researched the forums and know how to call a fly shop).

    In a couple of weeks my parents are going to be in the 'burg for a wedding. One of their friends mentioned Manastash Lake as a possible destination for the day after the wedding. I looked through the forum history and have deduced the following:

    1. People go there.
    2. It's a big hike in (not sure about difficulty)
    3. In summer-time there's a lot of four-wheelers to deal with
    4. There isn't really any shore casting

    Does anyone have recent intel on lake? Is it worth the big hike? Feel free to PM to keep your secrets. Are there better options? Given the hike in, i'm a little hesitant to call it a day trip.

    Thanks in advance,

    - Troy
  2. I like your disclaimer.
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  3. I fished it a couple of times way back so don't have recent intel, but if I had a whole day in Eburg I would hit the Yak, or if I liked to hike I would try to figure out how to get into the hidden valley of Swauk Creek. ( or drive to Quincy and go to Dusty....should be prime.)
  4. Check the snow elevation before you go.
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  5. I tried to go there last year and the road was closed. Does anyone know if it's opened yet? There's a back way to get there from Hwy 12 but I couldn't find it and had to turn around due to snow last May.
  6. The road should be open, but call the ranger station first just in case. I'm not sure of the snow situation. That altitude didn't get much this year so it might be clear.

    Good advice, but the hidden valley of Swauk creek will be closed until the first Sat in June. It's also guarded by suction dredge wielding locals. :) I say drive 10 min and fish the wonderful river that flows past town.
  7. Thanks all. I'm definitely pro Yak, just was looking into some other options.
  8. Post a report it you go. I've never gone up there, but might be up for packing in the float tube this summer.
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  9. Will do.
  10. Fished there about 5 years ago. Once we hiked in with our tubes and once my friend rode me in on his dirt bike. Lot of small brook trout 6-12 in. they fished after me but said the fishing had gone down hill a bit. There were a family of otters up there.
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  11. This afternoon I walked the dog up to the lake. It's a normal east cascades hike of about 6 miles round trip. Expect about 45 min from Ellensburg to the trail head. I saw two trail runners, three campers and 4-5 other fishermen so it's not a lonely spot compared to some nearby creek fishing. The trail opens to motorcycles this weekend so there will be less solitude. There is little or no room for a backcast so it seems like a tube would be the way to go. I ran out of time and didn't even rig up my rod, but the lake looks great and I'll come back for sure.
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  12. Thanks for the intel Patrick. My trip got bagged, so it's on the "someday" list!

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