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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Old Man, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. The thrill is not in the kill---But to let them go.

    Hey Chris. Whats wrong with your Map Server. I haven't been able to get it up for about three days now. For a couple of days all I got was a ad about the site and now nothing.

  2. It's working for me Jim. Possibly their server is having issues today. I'll keep an eye on it.
  3. The thrill is not in the kill---But to let them go.

    One more time.When I put a town or site in the location site all I get is a advertisment for the site. Like when I put in Darrington,Wa.Nothing comes up but the Ad. When I click on one of the sites in the left col. I get the site but it tends to go everyplace but where I point it to.

    I don't think that it is me as when they(the internet) started having problems the other day every thing that I seemed to get on didn't work. I could go on and on but I will stop now and go do my honey-dos.:bawling

  4. I'd be more than a little worried if I couldn't get it up for three days. In the words of Steve Martin in the Jerk "See a doctor and get it fixed".
  5. The thrill is not in the kill---But to let them go.

    I knew that what I wrote was going to get a answer like this. But I don't think that I could of wrote it any other way. And if I was going to answer this in any way I wouldn't be allowed on this site. Thank you :p :p .

    I guess this is what I get for asking a question:bawling

  6. I wonder if they are using a SQL backend, which the virus hitting the last few days has targeted. I'll test further as time permits. If the issue isn't the virus but rather a change they're rolling out, I'll fix it or change it out to a different service I've had my eye on.

    Thanks for the feedback guys.
  7. The thrill is not in the kill---But to let them go.

    This is the same as for me and if I knew how to do what you did to put this here I would be a lot smarter that I think I are. As for computers after I turn it on and cruise thru it,I'm pretty dumb. About all I can do after cruising thru things is turn it off or over to my granddaughter. She's way smarter than I am and she's only 11. ;(

  8. Try going [a href=""]here[/a] instead. I think they might have changed their API to use a new form.

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