Marabou Strung Blood Quills

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  1. I'm trying to figure out if Marabou Strung Blood Quills are better for palmering or if I should go with extra select marabou for this. I'll be using on hooks as large as 1/0.
  2. I prefer the blood quill marabou. The blood quill and extra select are very similar but you get more bang for your buck with the blood quill. I've also had quite a few of the extra select have thick stems which makes it difficult to palmer.

  3. I actually like the smaller marabou feathers for palmering, because the quill is more flexible. I simply use 2-3 feathers (or as many as you need on a bigger hook).
  4. I just started using a dubbing loop. With the loop it doesn't matter how big the stem/quil is. I use two feathers at once on the loop. They look great, and I am tying them on a string----Moal Leech style.
  5. Can you explain how you use a dubbing loop?
  6. I'd have to take a few pics for you to "see" it.

    I take two marabou feathers, prepare them by cutting off the ugly bits toward the base, and then cut off about 1 inch from the top.

    Next, I cut all the feathers off of one side keeping the stem feathers and discarding the ones I just cut off--this makes them easier to handle when I put them in the loop.

    Next I put them (quils and feathers etc.) in the loop as close to the stem as a few twists with the dubbing loop tool. This locks them in a little better and allows me to be able to cut the stems off.

    I then cut the stems off.

    I then spin the hell out of the dubbing loop tool, then I just wrap.

    Does that make sense? Maybe I should get some pics going, so you can see it a little better.


    Edit.... Ok look at this tutorial, but envision Marabou instead of Rabbit....

  7. Best idea I've heard all year, by all means post some photos if you get the time. Wonder how it would work with spey hackle?

  8. Justin,
    Kinda like this? Its a cross between a skagit minnow and the ultimate moal/roid you linked to

  9. How do you cut them with a few twists?

  10. Daryle,

    I put the marabou in the loop with stems still attached and only one side of feathers on the quill. (remember I'm using two feathers at a time)

    I twist the "LOOP" and not the marabou a few times. These twists in the loop hold the marabout in a little better while cutting. The twists are not necessar, but I do it.

    Does that help?

  11. John,

    Looks good.

    I put the feathers in so the longer onces are toward the bottom. When I put two feathers in, it creates a little more "body" on the first few wraps, keep wrapping then the longer feathers go over those. This creates a nice little vortex of small and larger fethered ends all undulating all over the place.

  12. If the feather is trapped inside the loop why doesn't it twist? Hey I'm just a dumb Swede, I know what you're saying just can't picture the feather not spinning in the loop.
  13. It might twist. You just twist it a few times before you cut it, so when you cut it, it will stay in your loop.

    when you twist your dubbing loop tool a few times, you can do this with your right hand, and use your left hand to keep the feather from twisting.

    OK, I gotta get my camera out.
  14. This is a version of a buddy/guide's fly- The Metal Detector. Marty Sheppard is the originator. The hook hangs out at about the end of the bucktail.

    step one- see no twist at base

    step two-notice twists at base. See how I hold it with my left hand.

    Step three--Cut--use your left hand and left finger to guide you along.

    step four---Ahhh All spun and ready to wrap

    Step five--All wrapped

    Step six---OK, So I want the marabou to be smaller so it doesn't drown out the blue...So I put it real deep into the loop.

    Step 7-Spun--Notice that thick chenille/bunny stuff in the middle. This is mixed with short and long stiff and soft pieces..Awesome stuff.

    Step 8--Done
  15. Justin,

    You rock! Great pictures and explanation, I'm going to have to try my hand at some now.
  16. OK, now I see, was thinking the feather would twist all around, You just made a great toot for the dumb swede. Thanks,

  17. Jared, Thanks Man.... Glad I could show you something new. It is much easier than rabbit!

    No Prob Daryle. Pictures make it so much easier to learn least for me.
  18. I like how those pictures demonstrate the different quality of marabou feathers you get on a string. The second piece (pink one) has a nice thin stem that I'd gladly just wrap, but the first piece (blue) has a useless thick stem that makes it a horrible feather to wrap. Your technique enables the use of a feather I'd otherwise discard to the bottom of the bag. Nice.
  19. Justin, Hey thank you a whole bunch for taking the time to post these pictures. I am so psych'ed to give this a try. This is way better info than what rock to stand on and which direction to cast etc. I think these types of flies might even work in ALL north sound S-rivers! :p
  20. Thanks for taking the time to show us the step-by-step. That's very helpful.

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