March 1 opener

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  1. Bionic worms are pretty much a diet staple over in these parts. Just sayin......
  2. You mean you don't dropshot your San Juan Worms? ;)
  3. I prefer a Carolina Rig.........:D
  4. zen chironomid.... be at one with the bloodworm.
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  5. So it might be a bit early for mayfly emergers...? :rolleyes:
  6. Only if it's an emerging chironomid.

    I think I'm going to do some driving around this weekend to cement my fishing plans for next Friday. I do have a viable backup plan if the Quincy lakes aren't ice free yet. Moses is ice free in the shallower eastern arm but as of Wednesday still had lots of ice in the west arm. West arm is deeper.
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  7. I've seen a couple of major 'mid eruptions during early March in the basin that brought fish right up top. That's when I know spring has arrived.
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  8. Hard to believe the opener is just a week away. It has snowed here for two days now and we are just getting past the 4'' level of fresh stuff. I think this is the year I start to look for someplace to live in the banana belt......

  9. Too bad you're still in the snow season. Pass was closed for a bit today, hoping for better late next week.

  10. The long range forecast for the Pass looks pretty good. Higher temps with just some rain, no snow. Hopefully it will clear out before Thursday.
  11. I came back over the pass about 3:30 today. Conditions are ok with just some slush on the road. Heading west this morning was a different story. Single file and 45mph from Easton to Denny Creek.
  12. This time of year is the beginning of too much to do! I have a fly club meeting Thursday I really want to see (our local steelhead expert Scott Willison on steelhead flies and technique) so I'm leaving early Friday morning for Lenice. Then, some of my friends are floating the Yak Saturday and Sunday and the Skwalas are starting to produce so back to Ellensburg Friday night to meet them Saturday morning! Should be a great couple days! See you guys at Lenice! I might bring a steak if I can use Scott's BBQ Friday night before heading back to E'burg. Rick
  13. I know Rick and Scott are heading to Lenice. Anyone else? I'm planning on going over Thursday, fishing Friday, taking a quick trip to Yakima on Sat. and then back to fish Sunday and Monday if it's productive. If it's a bust, I'll start driving around looking for Ira and his flask.:D
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  14. Rick / Steve & ?:

    I'll have the barby and some fire wood. I'll likely have pasta or potato salad too.

    Rick, that Yak float sounds great.

    Where will Ira's flask be found?

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  15. I wasn't able to clear the schedule for the opener this year but I appreciate everyone's willingness to go out and test the waters. I'll be looking for reports to direct my efforts the following weekend :)
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  16. You mean you won't fish in the Burke Lake Derby???
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  17. Nope. But I may poke around the week after . . .I don't mind leftovers :)

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