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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Davy, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. Thants it, we have our 7, wow, welcome Cameron, by the way, you gonna be around the valley for the holidays? You still back there in school? Maybe we can fish

    2. Obi
    3. Marty
    4. David
    5. Daryle
    7. Cameron D
  2. swap is full
  3. Here is a wing I married last night. Not the best tie, but a good start.
  4. Actually I can't at all take credit for this great tie. It was tied by an artist unknown that I will use as inspiration for this swap.

    It looks like various goose colors married with guinea fowl. I love the eyes on this fly and is this Great Argus?
  5. Hey Obi. Looks like youve got quite a challenge ahead for you!! Thats one wild wing on that fly. The eyes arent argus they are some type of peacock pheasant. Germains or grey possibly hard for me to tell the different p. pheasants apart. Most likely body feathers. The prices on these feathers can be a little EYE opening also, but not as eye POPPING as some others out there. Kevin
  6. ok guys, here's a good guide for what all our fly's should look like


    Dresser; and photo credit;
    Bud Guidry, and yes ,that's real Continga Continga
  7. Kevin thanks for your response. I posted that response before I did some feather research and I discovered that it is pheasant as well and possibly in the wing also.

    Looking at that fly is artwork in its finest form.
  8. LOL, you'll be lucky to get three colors out of me :) Something in blue and pink with a bit of Turkey tossed in I think...
  9. Ok guys, thanks for the quick response

    New due date = Feb 20th, 2008
  10. is my internet translated dressing directions...

    Flat siver tinsel tag
    Crest tail
    Blue Antron rear 1/2
    White Silk front half (I think)
    Ribbed with flat tinsel.
    Hackle is black marabou or other spey hackle
    Collar is Blue Schlappen
    Wing is Blue/White/Blue with 4 strands of blue, 7 of white and 4 of blue.

    Pretty fly.

  11. Would one of you post a picture of the seven resulting flies? I think it would be awesome!
  12. They haven't been tied yet everyone is still gathering material. Will post when when I receive said flies.

  13. Having trouble finding winging material locally, any favorite web stores?
  14. What are you looking for?
  15. ol Davy is gonna sit down next week and tye!!!!! Finally. Something in red ,white,A little Florican, A little GP. I like the theory of a Doctor body with the wing so watch out for chrome and wear sunglasses.

    On the other hand by the time I get from here ( the couch) out to the bench, things may change.

    The Caribbean and SP ruined me. I now only think of Tarpon and this spring on the Skagit is something I "used" to do. I am still planning to be up ther e but next years southern trip is allready pre-paid and set in stone and a couple or three weeks longer. Did I mention I have a tan?

    If this needs extended guys..... let me know, my flys will be done.
  16. A TAN!!! Whats that????Glad you had a good trip Davy and made it home safe. My flies are coming along and will be done. Time at the vise has been mostly devoted to keeping the box stocked up as its prime time around here but have managed to knock out three for the swap during the big blowout week before last. Dont think its a frame worthy pattern but it is tied to be tied on and swung:thumb:. Hey Daryle ditto on the whatcha looking for????? Let us know. Hope everyones been getting some water time. Things around here are looking pretty good.......... Kevin
  17. Coming To a Mail Box Near You ....

    Finally .... they're done. After tying only these six, I learned that I like tying on larger hook simply for the reason there's more room and I'm not trying to marry three fibers to three fibers. Enjoy and don't be afraid to fish them. No bustards were harmed in the tying of this fly.

    Green Highlander
    Hook: Partridge Heavyweight Salmon Single code M #1
    Thread: White 8/0 for body, black 8/0 for wing and head
    Tag: Small flat silver tinsel
    Tail: Golden pheasant crest feather and a slip of barred woodduck flank on each side of the crest
    Butt: Black ostrich herl
    Rib: Medium oval silver tinsel
    Body hackle: Green saddle
    Body: rear 1/4 - yellow silk floss, front 3/4 - highlander green silk floss
    Underwing: Golden pheasant tippet fibers
    Throat: Yellow schlappen
    Wing: Married sections of quill slips, bottom to top - orange goose, yellow goose, green goose, imitation Florican bustard (black peacock tail feather lightened with a mild peroxide solution), peacock secondary, golden pheasant tail (I used the largest side tail rather than the center tail as the side tail marries more easily and has a very similar color pattern)
    Roof: Bronze mallard quill slip
    Sides: Barred woodduck flank feather and teal flank feather quill slips
    Cheek: Jungle cock nail feather (I omitted the imitation Indian crow as my dyed hen neck didn't have any ideal feathers this small)
    Topping: Golden pheasant crest feather
    Horns: Blue macaw tail fiber, one each side

    If you're interested in tying classic salmon flies, I have a short how to guide (though not tying this pattern). You can find it here ( The link to the actual document is broken; PM me and I can e-mail it to you.

    If you're interested in Spey flies, here's a little tutorial (

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  18. very nice Cameron, dang nice. There is nothing like a GH, nothing.

    Me? Mine are not begun. I am or haved (word?) a myriad of issues. I will crank them out here in the next weeks.

    how's the rest of everyone doing?

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