Married wing swap......

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Davy, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. Just received needed materials yesterday.
  2. Coming To a Mail Box Near You ....

    Accolades Cameron for the tutorial, already on my hard drive with your permission.

  3. One more to go. This is a no-name I tie for the Sauk, I have made some changes over the years but this is very close to the fly I caught my first Sauk fish on.
  4. those are splendid Marty!

    I do not have a feather on a hook yet guys, BUT alas! I am going to tye my fricken ass off the next two weeks and mine shall be done. ( I am in Astoria all weekend with the Oregon HS wrestling district tournements)---Freetime has not been what I thought it would be when I started this cool swap.

    I havent opened Cameron's package for fear of the beauty I am sure is inside. Kevin's are in the care of our mail service I am told and ,well, we heard about Marty's gems.

    Now , if we could just get some of Dave's hooks.......
  5. Trimmed all the garbage off the shoulder feathers last night, will be getting married tomorrow if I can figure the color scheme. :)

  6. When the flies arrive, I'll post some photos. I'm looking forward to them all.
  7. I have Camerons, Obi's, and Kevin's packages here. Wife will check the box later. Maybe today more will arrive. It's 5 30 or so here and I am off to wetter pastures.

    Thanks for the call OBI

    thanks guys
  8. You'll have mine by Wed/Thurs at the latest. I'll finish them up this weekedn and ship. I'm late all over the place these days.

    Sorry fellas.
  9. I'm in the same boat too, will finish by tuesday.
  10. not sure on the others, but I say don't rush it. easy easy
  11. Sorry for the delay, I have been working night and day on a DVD. I will have mine in the mail tomorrow, with a little extra for the swap master.

  12. Who is going to take the photos, I just got a new lens and could assist if needed. Still learning how to use it, but here is a shot I took with it the other day.

  13. ok, here's what you get for volunteering.

    How about when I send the sets out I include one of each in Martys set ,,,he can take the pics and send each fly forward????

    just an idea
  14. Huh? Just have Marty take the photos of each fly. Upon swapping, he will have a submission by each of us to photo.

    BTW my fly evolved throughout the six ties so the one that should be photoed is the one marked "THIS ONE" on the underside of its tag.

    I didn't have time to toe tag each of these with string, but have them mounted upright in a paper based and packaged in the box.

    My submission is called "Firewater" which I can uniquely call my own. I will post a recipe soon and thanks Davy for running this swap and thanks to all the participants!!!!!
  15. Yeah I say go for it Marty. That new toy (camera) you have looks like it gets the job done for sure. And you definatly have the skills, both in tying and photography.
    Hey Davy, While I tried my best to duplicate each fly as close as possible, like Obi Id say there was a little evolution at work also. So pick the best, or Least worst!!:eek: looking one in your eye and send it to Marty. Martys camera doesnt look like it will be to kind to flies that are low on the evolutionary scale!
    By the way my offering is the green butt skunk variation as best as I can remember its
    Tail: red golden pheasant crest
    Body: green and black seal fur
    Hackle: black Schlappen
    Throat: red guinea
    wing: red and white goose, hen argus pheasant wing, peacock wing quill veiled with jungle cock
    Thanks to Davy for putting on the swap, Marty for taking on the pics, and to everyone else involved. Looking forward to seeing the whole grouping as one. Hope your all getting some river time. Kevin
  16. I need to apologize guys, so many issues this week with only two flies to go and these shaky old hands, if you want to continue without me let me know or I could send to the individuals.


    These married f%$#*king wings are hell.
  17. OBI-- whomever was typing for me that night was drinking obviously, huh?
    dang him,
  18. I am in no hurry
  19. Daryle, take your time. We all are people of patience.

    Davy, Why you you think my latest creation is called "Firewater"? ha ha ha Burbon and scotch are my vice when I'm on the vice.
  20. No hurry here either. Kevin

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