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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by NCL, Dec 22, 2013.

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    A couple of months ago S Fontinalis posted a great SBS on how to tie a married wing which got me thinking I would like to try and tie one. Yesterday at a club event I had to opportunity to have a member show me how to marry the feathers to create the wing. We were working with turkey which I understood to be easier than goose shoulders. When I asked her about sources for dyed turkey feathers she advised they were getting harder to get and she could only remember the source was in Oregon. I spent probably and hour yesterday doing web searches with ever possible variation of dyed turkey I could think of and found few results. My questions are two fold, first, how does goose compare to turkey in the marrying process? Second, sources for dyed turkey feathers? Thank you.
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    The place for turkey is likely, which I believe is in Washington.
    In terms of marrying both work well. But, turkey fibers are thicker than goose, and stiffer so marrying turkey to goose you need to take that into consideration. I'd stick with one or the other if you're starting out. In the sbs I posted I used goose shoulder, which is cheaper and more readily available
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    Thank you, I will check that source.
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    Next to Aaron (Aofeathers), getting white turkey and DIY dying is the next best option. Find someone selling "heritage" turkeys, particularly Midget-White. The feathers tend to be in better shape.

    I thing Turkey is easier to marry. But I have and use both (poorly). I like Goose a lot as well. I have a giant owl-killed goose awaiting the dye treatment in my freezer. The fly in my profile picture has a Married Turkey wing (feathers from

    Also, dyed Turkey is great for adding big colorful wings on Dee or Delta winged (I think that's what it is called) flies.
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    Thank you, we were practicing with turkey and Jan (the tier instructing me) said it was easier to use than goose. What I was able to find yesterday is goose is cheaper.
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    Look at this video from Davie Mcphail
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    As you are just getting started in this I'd use goose, mainly because it's available just about everywhere and is alot less expensive than turkey.... As long as you stay with smaller sizes you'll be ok, and it will marry with other feathers,
    as long as you do it correctly....Good luck, it's really not that hard to do....
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    Thanks you to both,
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