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  1. I just found this reel in some long-packed-away gear.

    I bought this reel back in the '70s and used it for awhile on an Eagle Claw Trailmaster spin/fly rod. That combo was great for backpacking into alpine lakes as I found that some days the trout wanted flies and other times their choice was metal. I'd easily switch from spin to fly but never really got proficient at tossing a fly (although simply tryin' was fun!).

    So nowadays I'm back into the fly game and I hope I'm gettin' a little better at it. Been spending time in the salt for rezzies and SRC with my 6 wt. but just got a Redington CT 4 wt. for lakes and streams in my area (Kitsap/OP).

    I wanna hang the MG3 on the CT. Ya think that's a good combo?

    And the MG3 drag seems a bit minimal. It seems to be just some sort of dial/pawl adjustment and I don't see a lot of difference between fully + and fully -. That's maybe not a big deal on a 4 wt. and I suppose I've gotten used to the disc drag on my new Konic 2 but can anyone tell me more about the MG3 drag system and maybe even the Martin reels in general? I've looked at a bit of information on the web but I still don't know much about these reels.

    TIA, guys!
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  2. Love MG-3 Reels too...the poor man's Hardy! Surprised you can't get more tension on your drag than you reported. I hope it pairs with your 4wt CT (2.9oz) but I think you'll find it a tad too light (2.75oz) to balance well.
  3. So I'm gonna resurrect this thread.

    I found a reel for the CT but still want to use the MG3 on something. Any suggestions, preferably affordable? (I think I'm leaning towards glass as I've always been a bit "retro"!)

  4. if you're leaning toward glass, and like your CT, save up a little bit and invest in a Steffen Brothers 2/3wt or the 8' 3/4 (it and the 8' 5/6 are his flagship models that once people get they never get rid of). you won't EVER regret it.
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  5. I have an MG3 for a 7'-6" 3/4 weight and have used it on the 8' x 4wt. CT. Love the sound of the drag, like cats in heat:D
  6. The Steffens look nice but a bit more than I want to spend.
  7. How about a brown Fenwick, say a 7'6" for #6? You should be able to pick up one on eBay for about $50. You can thank me next spring.

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  8. yep, is the time to buy. Don't be scared off by the "6wt" designation. You'll feel those small fish as much or more than with your standard 4wt graphite while having a much more versatile rod for different conditions and different sizes of fish. If you end up enjoying glass (how could you not?) you'll eventually end up with a Steffen (or maybe a McFarland as well) in your quiver.
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  9. Thanks, guys!

    I'm thinkin'.......
  10. Just FYI, there ARE some decent looking 5 & 6 wt Fenwicks in the 6' to 7.5' range on eBay now & recently. More than $60 I think, but these are typically very sweet casting rods. IMO, even worth $100 plus for a nice one. And yes, they will be more fun to play fish with than similar wt graphite rod.
  11. I have a 6' Fenwick glass that is my go-to small stream rod. I think it's rated for 6wt but it really fishes sweet with a WF4F. I use an old Martin tuna can reel and it balances awsome and fishes well. The combo was less than $100 pieced out on ebay a couple years back. Haven't touched my 3wt graphite since and only grab my 5wt when I'm sure bigger fish are likely. I'd like an MG3 for the same rod.
  13. Thanks Jack!

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