Martin/Sigma triple ought guitar for sale/trade

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Roper, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. Roper

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    Technically is is a model 000-18MC/3B, but as you can see it's a Sitka Spruce solid top and Mahogany little beauty. I bought it with the intention of learning how to play, never happened, to many other interests. I'd like to get $400.00 out of it. I'd also consider trading for a 7 or 8 weight 3 piece and reel. It comes with a hard case also. I have more photo's if you want to see them.

    Someone take this little guitar and make great music with it.


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    TANGLES Richh

    Hi Roper,
    Interested in trading for a New Scott STS 908/3 rod? See classifieds under Tangles. Have tried to find information on the 3B model of the 000-18 MC/3B but can only find the 000- 18 MC. Evidently a model for a folk singer out of England. You said "little" guitar, is it a full size or smaller. I counted the frets and it looks like a 14. Do you have any more, or know where I can find more info on that particular model?
    Anyway, if you're interested let me know. Rod has never had a reel on it. Could be a good deal for both of us.

    TANGLES Richh

    HI again,
    Sorry but the guitar is for my son and after some heart to hearts, he definately wants to go electric. I told him, "Yeah, nothing like not knowing how to play and having it amplified!" Sounds like a nice little guitar you have, should work out nice for someone. We'll hope we can get some cash for the flyrod on ebay.
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    Too bad you want to sell it, was it your "go to" when your not fishing or tying flies? I'm usually playing my guitar stuff when not fishing or tying. Did you say its in new condition? I might know someone that might be interested. I'll let you know in a couple days.

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  5. Roper

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    The guitar was sold on Sunday, hopefully to make great music.


    Good things come to those who wade...