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    The mask fits into a fishing theme website because, after all, it is of Kumugwe, The Chief of the Undersea World. Western Red Cedar. The copper represents Kumugwe's house in the sea and the Killer Whale is his messenger. Abalone for eyes. View attachment 23142
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    Pretty damn cool if you ask me
  3. yuhina Tropical member

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    WOW!! so coool!!
    Thanks for sharing!
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    Wow Jack, very impressive!
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    I don't think the artwork and literature is limited to specifically flyfishing (there wouldn't be enough posts)... If the work has a NW and/or sports afield slant, I think it would fit into this forum.
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    Wow! Very nice. You have a gift.
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    Great mask!
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    That's really cool.
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    Very Nice Jack...I have worked with the real stuff over the years in the museum exhibit bizz and seen lots of replicas...Nice work!!!!...You must own some Bill Holm books for study. I met him a looong time ago...Also visited the Provincial Museum in Victoria BC specifically to view the mask collections in the Anthro museum...and met mountmakers there years ago...I became quite proficient at that over the years...