Massive Kispiox Steelhead

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Itchy Dog, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Nate Dutton I'm a teacher, I fish to eat!

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    WOW Coach hit the nail on the head!!! Hear Hear Coach!!! "Proper" fish handling skills are important to hopefully Minimize the agony we put a fish through....but it won't eliminate it! Well said Duff
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    He caught an incredible fish, took a bunch of pics and let it go. Taking pot shots at him based on a couple freeze frames and some conjecture is ridiculous. I'm glad we all got to see this fish. Pretty impressive.
  4. Randall Dee Castaway

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    I have to agree. I've been having some of the same thoughts myself. If we were all so concerned about this endangered species, we wouldn't be harassing them and fishing for them in the first place. We would just leave them alone.
  5. Jergens AKA Joe Willauer

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    iagree, and as akbm said, with a modern DSLR 60frames is about 10 seconds worth of camera shooting.
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    Duffer, I'm really worried about you man.
    repressing emotions the way you do can cause really bad things, like testicular freezeup---
    I wish you'd cut loose for once and just make one totally frank post, without all the PC pandering. You can't worry so much about other people's feelings at the expense of your own, bro, it's not good for you.:rofl:

    I honor the fish I catch, big and little, by either releasing them gently and promptly, keeping them in the water; or in the case of brats, giving them a wood shampoo, yanking a gill out, and eating them with great enjoyment. Don't care if you agree with me on that. Everybody I know knows about postrelease mortality, but trying to avoid it is still a good thing.

    I judge people who mishandle wild fish for the sake of pictures. I don't regret that. I don't care if you don't like it.
    I kill time during the workweek on the net...I notice you do too.

    what exactly is your criticism? That some guys have an opinion about it? Or that everybody who's seen those pix is a bit jealous? of course, you are too. Be honest.

    ...wait, I get it. You're saying this guy, a GUIDE, mishandled this huge and genetically valuable fish because he was excited out of his mind, maybe didn't know better. It was laying on the beach while he's unrolling his tape, man. And you're saying I, a guy you've never met, drank with or fished with, would do exactly the same.
    or did I miss something there too.

    perhaps not having caught a 40#er yourself, I can consider your judgementalism nonsense too huh?
  7. Coach Duff Banned or Parked

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    Before I get into giving you an internet ass kicking on the ignorance of your post....(we could start with the definition of "wild) but I'll just remember what you have said yourself as true and solid.......


    There, that was easy. You did it for me. I've never had that luxury before. I wish everyone else knew their limitations. Tight lines and good luck to ya.
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    Huh, apparently it's not okay to have an opinion about a wild buck laying dry on the rocks... I don't give a god d*mn how big it is. My opinion about the dude measuring it out of the water can't be coached away.
  9. Coach Duff Banned or Parked

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    You can have all the damn opinion you want. But if you've landed a good amount of steelhead, you know full on that sometimes thats where a fish ends up landed. But once again as with all of you arrogant steelhead god bullshit artists, you only tail your fish in water deep enough to ensure proper oxygentation right? You never drag a fish up on gravel bank in certain runs, RUN over to the fish, pull out the hook moving the whole time towards deeper water, take the picture, and then measure and finally because you are in deep enough water now then release it. While since I don't spend my free time trying to bullshit everyone, I have gone through that cycle many many times. That's just how shit ends up sometimes. A good amount of my length measurements have happened in the snap of a finger as the fish lay beached on the gravel. Then I race to get to towards good water depth to release. Each encounter is different. And because of that, I don't judge others. I land the fish as fast as possible, take the pic trying to keep it in the water and do my best to ensure it is revived completely before releasing it. And I've landed enough of the damn things to also admit that some have died no matter what I did, some have been handled rougher than others, some have been dragged up onto a gravel bar, and a bunch have been lost. Hence, my unwillingness to judge others, especially on the fish of anybody's lifetime. So go ahead, bullshit me some more on your perfect record of handling steelhead. If it's perfect enough to go judging fellow anglers than you haven't caught very many. Simple as that. Tight lines boys. Coach
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    wonder what the other 63 pix look like.

    little interpersonal hint here Coach.
    people listen better to you when you're not insulting them personally and calling them names.
    think about it.

    and don't pull the newbie card on a 15 year steelheader. pretty lame. It dilutes whatever truth you do say.
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    I was giving the dude the benefit of the doubt the whole time figuring his girl got a ton of action shots along the way or something, the dry measure shot just sucks - but the dude has this look on his face like he's working against the clock, I must say (and damnit girl, stop taking pictures right now!) I would love to see the other shots.
  12. SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing

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    hell, I wish I was THERE:thumb:
    maybe not this time of year but you know what I mean.

    hell, I'm still trying to figure out why ItchyDog's waders would be around his ankles...the mingo face I can understand, but?? haha

    g'night, gents
  13. John Hilt YeeeeHaaw

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    Is that joaquin phoenix? :rofl:
    Thanks to all the elitist's for entertaining me on this thread.
  14. ak_powder_monkey Proud to Be Alaskan

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    Salmon do it but except for in a few select rivers and species (The Kenai Kings mostly) you see virtually the same stratigrifications in sizes for the various ocean times. So like over the past three summers I have caught or helped catch 17,000 sockeye and the fish were pretty much all the same size in 3 different locations with about the same number of fish (percentage wise) in each size class, but none of the fish were huge, I'd say that record sizes were probably not obtained from the extra year in the ocean alone but also the fish generally ate more because even the biggest of sockeye I have seen and measured were of the same age class as ones smaller. With steelhead (and atlantic salmon) what I have heard (and read) is that most fish over a certain size are repeat spawners, at least here in Alaska that is the case according to the various F&G reports on steelhead comparing length to life history from the scale, I have not seen a report of a fish over the 5-10 pound class being a first time spawner. Its interesting to me that a fish of that size would not have spawned at least once in its life because supposedly that is how steelhead get that large, they can survive after spawning. What does the typical adult spawner weigh? 5-10 pounds? So maybe the extrodinary spent an extra year or two in the ocean weights 10-20 pounds right? I'd be really interested if anyone could point me to some liturature on the subject. I suppose that guy didn't pull a scale, too busy taking pictures...

    If I ever catch a fish that big I gotta remember to pull a scale... (above the lateral line by one scale and just behind the dorsal is the correct spot if you are interested in the fish you catch... I doesn't hurt them and takes just a second your local fish bio can read it and tell you the life history of the fish)
  15. SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing

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    It's not the newest book on the shelf, ak_ but try taking a look at Trey Combs' book on steelhead. He talks about a bunch of different rivers; and in every section about every river he talks about the bell curve distribution of fish life histories in it.
    I only know a little bit about it but it seems like southern races of steelhead tend to mostly stay in the river for a short time and go to sea for a year or two, and return at a generally smaller average size. The real monsters are the northern fish, the Skagit and BC fish that stay a long time in the home stream, then go to sea and stay out there for 3 or 4 years before coming back for their first spawn. Like Salmo_G said, a spawning cycle seriously depletes a fish and inhibits their growth. Almost nowhere do you find steelhead that live to spawn three times.
    Atlantics are a totally different animal than steelhead; a much lower percentage of steelhead survive spawning to return again, something like 25% or less, and when they do return they haven't grown so much because spawning takes so much out of them.

    they describe it like this: "3.3.2S" which means three years in stream, three years at sea, and two spawning returns. From what I've seen fish like that are very very rare.

    The Pacific salmon species stay out for various lengths of time and return only once as you know, and tend to be more lockstep than steelhead. To biologists, steelhead are fascinating because they are so variable in their histories from watershed to watershed, and that also makes it even more important to protect individual races of these fish.
    hope I didn't go on too long; maybe a biologist can explain it better than me, but that's how I understand it.
  16. Coach Duff Banned or Parked

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    I know a guy who has steelheaded for 5 years and hooked his 100th fish this year. I know other guys who have flyfished for steelhead for 15 years and haven't hooked 50 fish. The time on the job comeback means nothing. The fact of the matter is that only wannabe elitists who live in glass houses sit on forums and judge and pick at a guy who just landed the first documented 40 pound fly caught steelhead. You were being judgmental as hell and now you accuse me of personal attacks when I pulled you punk card Speyspaz. If you've actually landed more than a couple dozen fish in those 15 year, you've done the same things. You may not today, but to close this deal think of this. Dragging the fish up on gravel to semi-beach it pull the fly out in a flash, and get it righted and moved towards water almost always is faster than fucking around and trying to tail the damn thing. This fish is just about untailable due to it's size. But you've tailed a few 40 pounders thrashing around in the water right Speyspaz? Oh that's right none of us have........ Plus with the size of this fish, and it's wrist being gigantic, I think beaching this monster was the only way the young angler could deal with it. But you and all of the other computer commandos would have just reached out, tailed it, taken a nice shot of it in the water and revived it and immeditely released it. Just that easy, with a 40 pounder right? You are full of shit, and now offended you got called on it.
  17. HauntedByWaters Active Member

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    I am not one to judge fish handling skills over the internet so I am not going to be involved in that. I more or less agree with Coach in this regard, it is all about time and place.

    I will add this tip taught to me by a fishing master:

    Grab the fish by the tail when it is near shore and ready, better yet have a buddy do it, than as quick as possible flip the fish upside down while still in the water and hold it there for 20 seconds. This will make the fish lose all sense of balance for about 40 seconds, ample time for your tape and a couple precious pics without it any thashing and bashing on the rocks. This works better the bigger the fish is and it is a great way to settle down a chromer that will not stop moving........that is if you can grab its tail and get it upside down.
  18. SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing

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    I've never flipped one upside down, on purpose...I'll need to try that next time. Come to think of it, they do get sort of placid when belly up. I knew that was a trick used on bones, but first I've heard about with a salmonid. That's neat. Learn something new every day.

    Coach, (yawn) you can quit anytime. Take some Ativan or something. Your behavior is over the top. I already told you I don't care if you like it or not.
    call it elitist or whatever the hell you choose. I don't bend over for bullies.
    I'm not offended that you disagree with me, in fact I think you've made some really excellent points; I'm offended, like anyone would be, about being called names and insulted in a public forum.
    The punk card is pulled on you because you can't argue like a gentleman. Guys have been PMing me because they're tired of your shoutdown abusive tactics everytime somebody doesn't agree with you. You are screwing with the wrong boy. Your schoolyard tactics don't work with me.

    tight lines to you regardless. Even if you don't respect me, I'll respect you.
  19. Coach Duff Banned or Parked

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    How did you become the victim? Are you kidding me? This isn't about me or you. But I love the self centered lean you have given this post with a nice dose of your passive aggressive nonsense. It is about you claiming to be a superior enough angler that you can sit around with other elitist bullshit artists and judge someone. Someone who has landed the biggest steelhead ever hooked with the fly and a fish that is an absolute nightmare of a challenge by it's enourmous structure to handle properly. So you and your boys, tried to sit around in front of your computers and talk shit about the guy, without knowing a damn thing about the fight, the landing, the circumstances, what kind of camera was used, (67 pics aint shit with good camera gear) or really anything. Typical computer commando steelhead wannabe bullshit. And I called you on it. It's really not a big deal. How you have managed to take this so personally is beyond me. In fact how can I respect or not respect you when I have no idea who the hell you even are or have not even met you. This is a computer forum........ WOW!

    PS You are still full of shit and until you land a fish that size have no place trying to judge that angler. It's elistist crap. :D
  20. Jim Speaker Active Member

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    Guys - chill the #^&$ out. Someone just close the thread... jeezus.