Massive Kispiox Steelhead

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  1. I'm still trying to find the site with the 65 other pictures.
  2. I'm still trying to find the site with the other 65 high quality photos.
  3. Sorry, have comcast
  4. Quote from SpeySpaz

    "I'm offended, like anyone would be, about being called names and insulted in a public forum."

  5. I reviewed this thread in detail, and there was nothing I would even call criticism by anybody till the Coach came in like a bull in a china shop. Nobody criticised the angler till that beach picture, which definitely raised a few eyebrows.
    I think Herl said it well- it's hard to say what actually happened from a couple pictures, but a low-key discussion about how fish should be handled and the vagaries of their lifecycle turned into a shitfest thanks to Coach. Nobody dissed you Coach, you came on unprovoked.
    You haven't called me on anything substantial, you just pick at the edges in the most annoying possible way. Schoolyard crap.
    I'm still waiting to see when this "internet ass whooping" of yours will occur. (post#47) I don't feel whooped, just annoyed. You're being a pain in the ass.

    Don't pull your "passive aggressive victim" psych horseshit on me Coach-you really don't know who you're talking to. That's why it's important to state your points clearly and with respect for others' opinions. Calling guys you don't know "judgmental characters bullshitting yourselves" and "fly anglers fast talking shit" and something or other wannabees...doesn't help improve your credibility. You really seem to think that using inflammatory language is cool or somehow makes you more credible or builds the COACH aura. Give it a break. You're a poster boy for testosterone overdose.
    I'm no victim; I deal with people like you every day. And I have no qualms telling you to cut the crap. and continuing to tell you to cut the crap. And yes, I think it's counterproductive to resort to name-calling and character assassination to improve your cred.

    Maybe not everybody's like you. Some guys don't carry cameras, don't make a name or a living off the hero shot, don't care whether the fish are huge or big enough to impress the whole world. Some people, including me, fish for many reasons other than that. Of course I'd like to catch a pig like that, I'm sure you would too. But I think it's a sad day when that becomes the top priority. Doesn't speak well of the sport as a whole. I've already repeatedly said, I could care less if you disagree. Or your little cheerleaders...
    But I think, regardless of what happened on that beach with that huge fish, that all wild fish must be handled well, released well, and that takes priority over pictures and ego considerations. That isn't elitist, it's called being a sportsman in my book.
    what's next? you gonna diss my Mother now? LOL
  6. WOW that was a good read. I forgot how informative this site was.
  7. This fall, I was up North steelheading when the story of that fish made its way through camp. Holly shit. We even toasted it, though none of us were there. Have to admit that seeing the pics kind of made my heart drop though. Without sounding sanctimonious, with two people being present, there is no good reason to have that fish laying high and dry. Record or not. Who gives a shit about records. Personally, I have yet to put the tape or even snap a pic of a 40" let alone a 40 lber. But I have landed a couple of + 40" . I usually fish alone, and don't drag fish up on the rocks. A lot of hero shots etc are missed, because I wont do that sort of shit. Point being I made the decision that my own vanity wouldn't further harm the fish more then I already had. At some point in the future i may be so lucky to finally get to tape and take a pic or two of a 40" steelhead when I finally get a cooperative fish. Till then, I can only dream...

    There is tremendous life cycle variation in steelhead. Eighteen different life history patterns have been identified among Skeena steelhead. In 1987 on the Babine a 10 lb doe was captured and tagged. 7 years later she was captured again, by a fisheries biologist radio tagging Babine steelhead. This time weighing in at over 24 lbs. It was estimated that she was 13 years old and had spawned 4 times (From P.8 'Skeena steelhead and salmon: a report to stakeholders' Adam Lewis October 2000 SSBC)
  8. If anybody has that book and want to look and see if there is a reference section with some journal references I'd be pretty greatful. I've heard that fish around here get big cause they have to run like half a mile to spawn and are in freshwater for as little as 24 hours a run allowing them to spawn a bunch. Really I'm interested in primary sources, with respect to Trey Coombs and his book it seems that its on fishing and not researching life histories I'd sure like to find some primary research somewhere, if anybody knows of any.

    PS thanks for the source ralfish!
  9. wow.
    thanks ralfish. sorry if I sounded sanctimonious.
  10. This thread shows that sometimes growing up just means a person gets taller. As a recovering middle school principal, I had flashbacks of the cat fights that used to occur between 12 yr. old girls.
  11. ak, I'll try to remember to post whatever references are in the Combs book, but there may be much newer research available. At least I hope so. Can you post it if you get it?
  12. I wonder what the girlfriend looked like?:D
  13. Hey SpeySpaz, no worries, we're on the same page . I just didn't want anyone getting their bag in a knot...
  14. roger that.
    thank you sir.
    you're a class act.:thumb:
  15. Too bad the ability of non guided non residents to fish the Skeena System will end shortly. :(

    Better take that trip now before it all over.
  16. You may have tried your best to keep that fish from being high and dry, we all would have, but if that's what it took to land it, that's what would have happened. You see that's why forums are a form of entertainment as much as information especially in flyfishing. Speyspaz, you keep mumbling away. You are a judgemental wannabe elitist shittalker and peppering your arguments with "Youuuuuuuu........ You're no gentleman!!!!":D (Caddyshack) will get you big time points with your yacht club buddies, but wll get you nowhere with people who fish hard and know that shit happens, especially in the handling of big assed steelhead. I know you've landed a truckload of them, all over 15 pounds over the years and not one of them has touched gravel, not one of them has been lifted for a pic and not one of them has died. That is the kind of Complete Angler you are.:rolleyes: Like I said, congrats to one happy, lucky young angler who landed the fish of a lifetime. Even if he didn't handle it like your phony ass thinks he should have. As you have found here in the last couple of days, no one gives a shit what you or I think anyways. This is a forum and there are as many self made fishing experts here as guys who actually know what the hell they are talking about. As for your PMs and emails of support I've got 61 of them in the last couple of days appreciating my attempts to keep the steelhead world cleansed of elistist types like yourself. But for the last time Spazzer tight lines and good fishing to ya. And for God's sake don't ever get caught "improperly handling" a fish even if not by choice. I am sure someone will be sure to capture the moment and then flag your ass for doing what we have all done (If we have really landed more than a couple dozen fish) if by choice or not at least a couple times in our steelheading carreers. Coach
  17. Jeezus man give it a rest don't think anyone was talking to you.
  18. well, tight lines and good fishing to you too Coach. Good to see you're calming down a bit.:rofl: your cheerleaders get their matching sweaters yet?
    you're right, this is getting pretty entertaining now.

    sorry, I've gotta errands to run. Let's see, got to stop at the yacht club, visit my aromatherapist, hypnotherapist and shiatsu practitioner...yup, better get it all done today. Because I'm going steelheading Sunday on a genuine NW river.
    Good luck with the cleansing thing though. I like a man with a mission.
    You're a good guy in your heart Coach, everybody senses that I think, nothing personal coming at you from this side.
    Just cut the crap. Peace out.
  19. THIS, this is worrisome and IMHO much more worth talking about. I have a fishing buddy who's gone up there every October for over 15 years, enjoyed possibly the best steelheading on the planet, and it's just slipping away. That won't be destroyed by a single overexcited guy leaving a big fish to dry on the beach, but it will be destroyed by bycatch in Area 4 while commercials go after salmon. And that's what's happening up there.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one. Let me paraphrase what Terry said once in a less incendiary post...they're the greatest sportfish in the world and fishing for them is a privilege. At least I agree with him on that.
  20. I was talking to one of the local Conservation Officers here last week . He said this may not happen . Ever .

    Many of the locals in the Skeena valley are pissed this is even in the discussion stage .

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