Massive Kispiox Steelhead

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    apparently there has been a pretty big uproar about the new Skeena conservation plan (ie no non-residents fishing without guides). Talking to a person with a long history and a lot of connections in the fishing/conservation community he seems to think it wont happen.

    As far as the fish handling goes 67 photos seems a little excessive, I just hope the fish wasn't out of the water for all 67. At the end of the day we have an obligation to do right by the fish we catch regardless of ego driven desire for a hero shot. Its a beautiful fish and he is a lucky man to have caught it. Also, Jason is right about turning fish upside down. I don't usually do it with sport caught fish because I find they are fairly tired when I land them and as a consequence usually will oblige me with 10-20 seconds of stillness for a nice photo while they recover in shallow water. at my job we pass fish at landsburg dam, we have to take a fork length measurement, genetic sample and insert a pit tag and having a fresh 30 lb king upside down is pretty much the only way to get that done.

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    Thanks for posting the rest of the story.
    Will that giant fish live to spawn again of not? Nobody knows for sure.
    I would say the bigger they are the easier to be caught by the bear and eaten.
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    My favorite is the pic of the fish just laying in a puddle on its side all by itself...kinda reminds me of a spawned out chum before a crow eats its eyes out.

    Looks like the dude screwed around with the fish for several minutes, managed to get pics of it in three different spots, and had to pin it to the ground to get his tape on it...

    Sure is one helluva magnificent catch, though.

    Fish on...

  5. Drag it on shore... pick it up... smile!... lay it down... tape it while it flops... hold still fish!... kneel on it... wow! what a fish... shoot a few more grip-n-grins... oops! forgot the rod-in-mouth shot... lay it over there in the puddle while I get the rod... that's better... here, take the rod... just a couple more with a different angle... majestic fish, eh?... gee, doesn't seem to be swimming away too well... aw, just give it a shove... high fives all around.
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    Just got an email from a state game agent.

    Seems on Feb. 20, an angler out on the Hoh landed a steelie that went 44 inches in length with a girth of 23-1/2 inches with a 15-foot spey rod, using 8-kg (17.6 lb) tippet. The accepted formula (Length x Girth-sq. / 800) puts the fish at 30.28 pounds. After the prolonged fight (nearly an hour) , the fish was bleeding heavily, and unlikely to survive. A state biologist happened to be on the river, and confirmed that, so he kept the monster. They put the fish on scales riverside and recorded it as between 31 and 32 pounds.
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    iagree Exactly! That's just way too much, plain and simple. Even if you caught a fish of this size and had this many photos and issues subduing such a slab, would you go ahead and post ALL these photos on the internet? or would you keep a few to yourself because you knew the overhandling wouldn't look too good, especially since you're a GUIDE!
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    Never underestimate the power of ego over common sense.

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    :beathead:What's up with 'English' being in all these dudes names? Great, more glorification. I'll be sure to make a mental note to never hire or recommend Nick English as a guide up north.