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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Roger Stephens, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Well you're doing a dry brine, so leave it as is. Wet brine, I usually will do a rinse. Mostly because you'll have a slime thanks to the wet bath it's soaking in.

    On temps, I normally just run it around 140-160 range. I like a cold smoke and drying the fish out. But this takes awhile, not a fast process. If you want it moist run a tad hotter (maybe around 180-200) and it'll be done quicker. Dryer outter flesh/skin but moister meat inside.
  2. Thanks Jerry. Well with a "dry brine" it quickly turns in to a bath of liquid so when you take it out I assume it's close to having had soaked it in a wet brine. I tend to like it dryer too so I'll try a lower temp.
  3. LOL. I meant the actual full fledged bath that the fish sit in and the whole lot gets that slime all over. I never seemed to get that slime on a dry brine. Just some liquid from drying out, but seems the water/brine mix acts as a conductor to pull out extra slime. I rinse that. Seems the drybrine leaves mine intact. BUT, I normally keep mine on a rack in the fridge (an actual rack for the fish, not the fridge rack). Just keep it covered and let it drip into a drippan.
  4. New to me propane Master built smoker. Big upgrade from my great outdoors knock off. Dry brine now and smoking in a few hours. Real happy with this freebee smoker!
    Mine came with no chip pan but I found a cast iron griddle I had fits perfectly in the bottom. Chips smoked up nicely on foil on the griddle.


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