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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Entomology' started by chadk, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. I've been seeing quite a few adult stoneflys (big) and the flying black ants are all over as well (north bend area). Those of you targeting the forks of the snoqualmie - have the fish keyed in on these yet?
    How about Rattlesnake lake or other lakes in the area?
    I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but I hope to sneak out for an hour or 2 tomorrow and give it a try...
  2. I've been out there a few times recently, once a week for the past month, and seen a variety of bugs in the area. I didn't notice stoneflies, but I'm new at figuring out the entomology. Old Man and I were out at exit 38 and farther east this past Wednesday. We saw mostly caddis and some very small pale white or yellow bugs.

    The previous week I was up in the North Bend stretch and saw some caddis and again those small bugs right near the surface. I did hook up with a nice small cutt on a #12 Royal Coachman in the early evening. I also read in an earlier post that a #14 Elk Hair caddis was productive.

    Good luck and keep us posted! I may be up there tomorrow evening as well.

  3. I forgot what I was supposed to remember.

    Well when you sneak out. Be sure to send me a report as I need to know if anything that I have will work. Have a few black ants and a few black caddis's. Also Have a few stone flies or stimulators. In many colors.

    Do you really have to sneak out?????

  4. Yes - I pretty much do have to sneak out sometimes - mainly on the weekends. I have a window of 2 to 3 hours when everyone is napping. Having 3 kids 3 and under makes spontaneus fishing trips hard to come by. But with a little advance notice I get plenty of opportunity. For example I'm taking all day this coming thursday of to do some hardcore fishing - including some night fishing.

    Anyway - I spent 45 minutes with my 3 yr old up the middle fork (while the younger 2 were napping - he didn't want to today). The river was way to high, so I hit my favorite little creek with small beaver dams. Did some sight fishing to small cutties and a small bow. Brought a few to hand and lost many more. The brush was tough and keeping an eye on my 3 yr old made it tougher. But time well spent. They loved my black ant. And several hit my copper john I had as a dropper...
  5. I forgot what I was supposed to remember.

    Just where are you going to do this hard core fishing at. Would like to join you but I have a stupid Doctor appointment. Six month check-up. Damn it sounds like I'm taking my car in. Well just give me a hint as my appointment is in the morning.

    But the nice thing about where you live is that you are close to water that you like to fish.

  6. Yep - I love where I live (just off exit 34). 35 minutes to work, alpine hiking trails just minutes away, all 3 forks plus the snoqualmie mainstem just minutes away (north fork a little farther - like 10minutes), then I can just hop over the hill on start fishing the upper yakima. We get elk in our yard several times a week - so much so that our kids don't even blink when they see them anymore.

    So thursday I'm heading east probably. The current plan (could change) is to do some late night fishing in one of the desert lakes for browns, then hit the morning bite at another lake, then fish the yak or a trib during the heat of the day, and wrap up fishing the evening bite up near the pass at a hike in lake (short hike). But the plan changes every day and I probably won't know for sure until the day I leave...
  7. Hey chad,

    Spent most of yesterday afternoon on a lake in the north bend area (not rattlesnake) and also noticed the black ant-like insects. They were resting on the surface and seemed like prime food. :dunno

    Never saw any actually eaten. However, there were plenty of jumping fish and they were splashy attacks at that. Anyways, stayed under the surface for the day and a friend and i did very well with cuts and some bows mixed in. Forget how much better those bows fight, dancing and all. :thumb

    Next time out will have to throw on a winged black ant pattern and try it out. Have had some legendary days on the forks with a similar pattern. Best of luck.

    Fly For Fun

    "Trout Don't Live in Ugly Places" - Alex Higala
  8. Chad - was that you out on the South Fork on Friday? I fished the lower river for about 1 hour(only 2 fish, both on droppers)and saw another fly fisher down the river about 50 yards. Thought I'd go by and say hello but he disappeared when I turned around after making my "last" cast to a particularly good looking piece of water.
  9. Nope - not me. I haven't hit the SF so far this year. But until more steelhead start showing in the lower river, I may have to start working some of my favorite SF spots. Are the fish hitting stuff on the surface yet?

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