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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Kaiserman, Nov 3, 2013.

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    This is kind of a double post (I put the first one in the wrong forum).

    When I can, I prefer to support my local fly shop. However, there have been times when they don't even carry a certain material for the flies I want to tie, or they are out, and I can't wait for the next shipment.

    That being said, where are some good sites that are good for materials?


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    The Caddis Fly in Oregon and Feather Craft have the largest array of materials I've ever seen anywhere.
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    I've ordered from both of those with good results. Feather-craft is fond of doing email specials. One thing I have noticed with F-C is that they are not-infrequently out of stock of an item here or there and they don't always follow through with shipping the items a week or two later.

    I have ordered I've also ordered from the fly shop in NoCAl. I've ordered from Cabella's. I've ordered from Jay Fair (a pretty 'meh' experience). And orvis, actually. All were decent. No real complaints. I still wouldn't buy hackle or deer/elk without seeing it in person, but for everything else...
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    Red Shed is my home shop and it is rare when Poppy does not have material for steelhead patterns (or trout patterns), so that is a a great source for tying. I have also had great steelhead material from Waters West when I need to order online, or flyfishusa for most other stuff. There was another thread a few months ago talking about trout materials and Blue Ribbon got very good reviews for the quality of their materials, so I may try them the next time my home shop does not have what I need. I used to order from some of the bigger online outfits like Feathercraft, but the quality of feathers and fur was hit or miss. They sure do have a wide variety of materials though, and I do not hesitate to order from them when they are the only ones who have what I need.
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    Waters West is my favorite.
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    I like The Caddis Fly, I'm still new to tying and Jay Nicholas has provided more than one very thoughtful email in response to some of my questions regarding materials. Also, when I've ordered something that's been out of stock they took the time to call me and ask me if I wanted them to ship the other parts of my order first.
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    I'm sure that it's hard for some outfits to do something like that, but it's things like that (i.e. customer service) that make folks a loyal customer.
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    Blue Ribbon Flies