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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by seanengman, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. I've never done a swap before, and thought a materials swap would be good. Everybody builds up excessive amounts of some materials and new materials are usually welcoming. I have a full deer hide that needs dismantling. Anyone want to get involved with this one or help me out. Peace.
  2. I think that's a great idea. Is this something we should all do online or meet somewhere to do?
  3. I'm thinking we should all do it online. That way we get a broad range of folks. I think I might bring this up in the Cast and Blast forum. Most of those folks have something to trade. I am thinking if this one works out I may do another when I get my elk hide back.
  4. You should let me know by the Jan 31 if you are interested. I am going to keep an updated list on both posts so everyone knows who is in on this fiasco.
  5. I may be in for this one but would like some more details on how this will work.

    So if there were, for example, 10 people participating would we all put in 10 random bags of materials and then we'd get 10 random materials back? Or would I need to have enough of one single material to give the same thing to all participants? Will there be a theme...such as a fur/hair swap, dubbing swap, marabou swap, etc?
  6. It doesn't matter to me, but you brought up a good point. I think 10 random bags would work, I personally have enough of one material to go about giving the same to each person, but this is a very flexible swap. Did you want there to be a theme, and if there were a theme does any natural materials sound good to you? Another thing, Does anyone have any ideas on the limit of people? So far the current list is:
    seanengman (me)
  7. Is there any chance you could give an idea of how much (approximate worth?) that each bag should contain.

    I may be interested as I have a bunch of grouse feathers and could throw in some other stuff to make up the difference, I just need to know if I have enough extras to participate.

  8. I am not worried about the approximate value. Just do what you can. I plan on passing out deer hide about 4" by 8". This is very experimental, but if it works I will make sure to do another when I get my elk hide back from the taxidermist. Grouse feathers are awesome. Can I count you in?
  9. seanengman (me)
    Ned and Jane
  10. 6 more days, hope we can get some more folks. Anybody who hunts should have something laying around. Anything is accepted.

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