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    A "knitting lady" friend of mine picked up some acrylic yarn for me at Joann's Fabrics. I have one of these sample packages in different colors that I have been using. Good quality yarn and great color assortments. About $8 for the package. Small skeins, 28 yds each. Enough to give some to tying buddies.:)
    I like tying yarn bodies. Easy, quick, always good colors available, and yarn splits easily for small flies.
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    Chop it up 1/4" pieces throw in blender or coffee grinder, mix and match makes great dubbing
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    I too like using yarn... I prefer wrapping more than dubbing. There was a shop in town that specialized in local yarns and not the commercial stuff. They carried great colors, combinations and textures. Unfortunately, they are no longer in business.
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    My wife is a quilter, knitter and, I have only to raid her vast collection for useful materials.

    Throw in 8 dogs, 4 cats, my granddaughter's chickens, assorted game hides, and my belly-button lint....and I'm pretty well set.
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