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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Joe Smolt, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. I am looking for folks opinion about matuka flies for winter steelheading. I've been reading Deke Meyers book and see a number of matuka patterns, yet I've yet to hear people talk about them on this forum or see an example in the steelhead swaps. Is there a reason? I tied a few just to try it out, and they don't look that hard to do.

    Joe Smolt
  2. They actually are pretty popular for steelhead, as they cast and sink easily, and present a big image to the fish.

    Matuka Leeches are the most commonly fished form in the winter, with the standard form more in the summer. The leech tail is typically 4 to 6".

  3. I think that Matukas a great patterns, besides it is always fun to tie something new. One favorite worth looking into is the Kiwi Muddler. You probably have some in your box already, but try some variations with red tail/gills mylar tubing body and either black,olive, or natural bunny for the back.
  4. have not fished the matukas, but i ahve seen people fishing them, and from my observations, they do ok. count is 2 sttelhead, and more impressive, ALOT of nice dollies. the dollies seem to have a sweet tooth for them. my thought on that is they do sink well and the large profile is good ( they get into the big dollie holding water and then ..yaknow...full meal deal)
  5. Ive used 4" Matukas for night fishing eastern washington lakes in the summer time. Man I tell ya,Big Twin in Winthrop used to be killer after dark when all the meat eaters hit the shallows,,,,,,ah but I digress
    You were asking about steelheading and I have no experience there..Just thought I'd put my 2 cents in from my experience
    Kodak em and let em go

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