Maui Bonefish

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  1. Well folks I got a report from Maui. We were on Maui Feb.24- Mar.3. From what I was told there were no flats, so this was not really a fishing trip. I found a flat right in front of the Kihei city park.The flat about 3/4 of a mile long and 300 yds wide. We fished high tide on Saturday and Monday and we saw 11 bones.But we never did hook up. The weather was cloudy and rainy for most of the time so that did not help. I uploaded a couple of pictures of the flat. If anybody catches a fish on this flat I would like to see a picture.:thumb:

    100_0714.jpg 100_0715.jpg

  2. That's awesome. I have been to Maui a bunch, but have never tried right there. I have heard of a few bones caught in that area though. I'll have to give it a shot next time!
  3. Wish you could have taken the ferry over to Molokai for a day of bone fishing.....
  4. Surfed there this morning, but caught a bonefish yesterday afternoon. North of this location though. Will post pictures later.

  5. Yes. I have fished this location and have not yet hooked a fish. I will be there in april and now you have me motivated! I have another spot just north of your local that looks fishy. I have seen small Uluea on the prowl at this beach.
    Thanks for the thread
  6. I was north of Kalama Park (pictures in photo), and to be honest had an incredible hour of fishing in brutal conditions. Landed the one (biggest I've landed) and hooked and lost another sight casting to a group of five tails (biggest bonefish tails I've seen, but I've only fished the Yucatan). Off to fish again this am. Will report.
  7. Look forward to the report and picture JB. Good luck today!

    This is a terrific surf spot, pictured above, my son learned there last year with a local surf shop.
  8. View attachment 38928 Went to spot this am on the high low tide. Water too deep to see fish, but I did see a couple of tails. Went back tonight on the low low. Too much wind and rain in the past two days made the flat extremely turbid. No luck. Checked out the flat mentioned in the first post, not much there for water, deep wading. Anyway here is a picture of a maui bonefish caught on a fly.
  9. That's just awesome. Nice fish Baxenv!
    A local I ran into said he had seen them but I began to wonder if he and I were discussing the same fish...
  10. Yes the o'io are here, but not a great place to sight cast for bones. Last thoughts on Maui.
    1. Fish the morning if possible, and try to fish on the low tide (low low) as it starts to rise.
    2. Blows like hell here in the afternoon, so a nine weight was the right rod to have.
    3. Look for tails, but also blind cast to patches of sand if you can find them.

    Best of luck. And my son and I did take a surf lesson at Kalama park. It's how I recognized the two pictures in the original post, as I was surfing a wave into the shore.

  11. That's a hell of an accomplishment! You are actually the first person I've seen with a confirmed catch of a Maui bone on a fly. I've tried several of those Maui flats before myself and got nothing but a retarded lizardfish while hunting for o'io.......
  12. Jeff, i'll be there in april as well 9th-16th, ping me if you want to hook up for a few outings.
  13. Pat,
    We arrive about that same time so yes, let's hit Starbucks, then a nearby beach for an early morning tide.
  14. Jeff,

    Did you ever get one?

  15. Tough looking conditions, but looks like big bonefish territory . . .
  16. I know this is an older thread but I am in Maui now and have been fishing early morning after sun up. Saw a bonefish tail the other morning. I threw everything at it but the kitchen sink with no luck. It was still a blast being out there and the jacks are pound for pound a great fight. I'm happy to let anyone who is interested know where I was fishing when I saw the bonefish.
  17. Sorry, forgot to add that I was in Kihei for most of the trip.
  18. MN guy,
    I expect to be in Maui in the fall. Anything you care to share would be appreciated.
    Where in MN?
  19. I'll be in Maui last week of Sept., any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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