Maybe I need a pair of waders?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by PatrickH, Oct 16, 2013.

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    Warm and dry vs cold and wet. No contest.
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    Thanks for all the help and links.
    Where I usually go to fish it seems to be shallow from where I am fishing to about half way across and then it gets deep and I usually can't cast far enough to get to the deep part where the fish are at. For the bigger fish anyway. And I can't swim, so I don't wanna go too far out..
    What I really like is the pant waders, but it seems that there is not that many options in pant waders, most seem to be full size chest waders.. I just don't need the full chest waders if I'm not going to go past crotch level. I also defiantly want to have the option to buy separate boots, they look better and look alot more comfortable.
    I may have to check these out next time I'm at Cabela's;MMcat104793480;cat104674680;cat104107680

    Should I buy in camo so the fish can't see me? :rolleyes:
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    Umm... The first waders I ever owned were made by Cabela. They didn't last very long before leaking and delaminating on the inside. Very grim. If you get neoprenes--even cheap ones--they tend to be fairly durable and easily fixed if and when they leak. Stuff like Shoe Goo works pretty good for that job. After running through two or three breathable waders, I finally settled on a pair from Seattle's own Filson. No-questions-asked lifetime guarantee! Filson only has one model, but it even comes in Medium King for stout-bodied guys like me. They're also very heavy-duty in construction. Though they aren't cheap, they're competitively priced when compared to other high-end waders. I actually think that you'd end up spending a lot more to get the level of durability you get from the Filson waders.

    I recommend visiting their retail and manufacturing building over on 4th Ave. South, in the SODO district. Think just Southeast of Safeco Field. If you know where Outdoor Emporium is, they're across the parking lot to the north.

    For wading boots, I have a pair made by Orvis that has a zipper on the side. I kid you not how much I love those. The zipper makes all the difference in the world when getting in and out of those boots. That system probably saves a lot of wear and tear on my wader booties.
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    If you can't swim you probably would be way better served getting some swim lessons than buying waders. Additionally a PFD, maybe one of the ones that inflate. Every one here on this site, if they fish a lot, has taken a dunking or two. An absence of panic, and a backup plan- in this case swimming, becomes essential along with boots that grip, to get you out of a slippery river.

    The three sports I want my kids to know: how to swim, how to run and how to fight- if need be.

    An ex-girlfriend's mom told me the only sport I needed to know was tennis. Tennis? Good lord, I mean it's sorta fun to play but really has nothing on wading a river and fishing it...