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  1. I saw a mayfly on the little D last night. It looked to be about a size 16 or 18. It had clear wings and a clear body , 3 tails and a bit of bright red either near the head or tail of the slender body. (can't recall which.) They were doing the spinner thing of flying about a foot straight up and falling about 1.5 feet near riffly water at about 8:30 PM. I poked around a bit on the interwebs looking for an answer with no luck, so I ask you, hive-brain. What was it?

    An afterthought. I wonder how irritated my wife would be seeing that I can remember all that about a tiny bug, yet consistently forget to take the trash cans to the curb.
  2. did you look on
  3. Nah. Westfly. Figured it'd be NW oriented.
  4. Tricorythid mayflies are pretty small, 3-10mm
    Leptophlebiidae can be pretty small, 4-18mm
    Heptageniidae can be pretty small, 5-20mm
    Ephemerella are pretty small, 4-15mm

    These are all in the water, and not sure if they are local or not, my guide is from another region but recommended by a bug master that I trust.
    Did the camera guy not have his camera? I know you caught some with your hat, but no photos? I tied some pretty small yellow sallies with a few wraps of red thread on their backass. I like fishing pattern because I like fish slime!
  5. Good looking out, Ed. I googled those bugs you mentioned. A few pics looked pretty close, but I'm not sure if any of those were it. I fish at that spot a few days a week. I'll shift focus away from blowing hooksets, and towards bug photos.
  6. Look at you guys, One trip down the river together and you're both going buggy. You're off by two months they;'e July flies now and your wife would really be pissed and you would be grounded no boating for a month. I'm sure mine would be even less understanding after all I'm obbsesed with fishing. And all mumbles can think is tiny things. Good luck cominng out of this one stilll sane.
  7. Did it look like this?

  8. Troutnut does a pretty good job. I have learned a lot from both sites
  9. Oh, not our first trip. :thumb:
    Thanks for the reply. Too brown in the body. I wonder if it's one of the ones mentioned, but in a different phase than in the photos I looked at. I'll get some photos.
  10. Okay, how about this?

  11. How wierd is it that I think those are really awesome pictures? That ain't wierd, right fella's...right?
  12. They are really awesome pictures and Taxon is the bug man extraordinaire. You should google Roger Rohrbeck and click his link in the signature box. If you like bugs, you'll really like this guy!
  13. As long as ou were still wearing pants whilst looking at them, you're good.:rofl:



    DING DING DING! i think that's the bug. Thanks so much for the help. That was kind of like a police lineup.
    Sir, do you see the bug that stole your wallet?
    Uhh..are you sure they can't see me?
    We're sure. Which one?
    Uhhh, number 4 I think.
    Good sir. number 4 step forward.
  14. The suspect you identified is a male imago (spinner) of genus Paraleptophlebia, probably either P. memoralis or P. temporalis.
  15. Jason, I'm just saying I can see (sort of) the logic in it......
  16. Taxon=Money

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