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  1. So I have recently been stopping at McD's a few times lately enjoying their salad. I thought the world we live in recycles? This is their 9 inch diameter salad dish with cover that goes in the garbage!! Multiply that by a few million...... I think I'm going to send a nasty letter after I go fishing this week. Does ANY McD's recycle these???!!!!!! That's a lot of plastic!

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  2. actually that is not really their fault.

    and a lot of people think all the plastic crap they throw in their recycle bin gets recycled but it really doesnt, if you check with whoever is picking your stuff up and compare what they actually process with the little number in the center of the recycle symbol on the plastic item you are throwing in the bin you may find out you are causing them a lot more work sorting.

    Quoted straight from the waste management site:

    Logos can mislead. In 1988, the plastics industry introduced logos and numbers for plastics used in packaging (see box). The stated intent was to make it easier to identify plastics for recycling. Not surprisingly, some consumers see the familiar "chasing-arrows" recycling logo on a plastic item and assume they can recycle it. But many plastics emblazoned with the logo — such as big chunks of polystyrene (Styrofoam) packing material or lids for plastic containers — are not accepted by residential recycling programs, due to high processing costs and lack of markets.
  3. I'm pretty sure that no McDs on this side of the cascade crest recycles anything.
  4. Larry,
    Bring that one back on your next visit and ask them for a refill (w/payment of course)... you will sleep better at night. :D
  5. Just be glad you aren't living in Germany. My buddy lived there for a couple of years, what they actually threw away as about the size of a woman's make-up bag. They had to sort everything! If they missed something, they were fined a hefty fee.

    Think of all the chemicals that we put on our lawns to make them greener. Where does that go? Eventually right into the river systems.

    Hey, someone will invent a new kind of "plastic washer", then they could reuse them.
  6. Recycle?!!! What? Who cares about recycling? No one on this site.... I was just kidding, that is actually a UFO I found in the McDonald's parking lot.
  7. OMG!!! I can't believe you found a UFO!!! ;) Better? Honestly, I can't say I've ever seen a recycle bin at a fast food place.
  8. I'll hazard a guess that McDonald's knows their customer base well enough to know that recycling isn't a priority. I vote with my wallet by not patronizing them much.
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  9. Salmo, are you saying that people who believe in recycling don't eat at McDonald's? I'm certainly no expert at statistics, but given the sheer number of people worldwide who eat at McDonald's, I'd be really hard pressed to believe that to be reality.
  10. I read somewhere that people that eat at McDonalds catch 36.2% more fish than people that recycle.
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  11. I'm with Sg. I don't think it's a matter of "believing" in recycling, but rather do they actually do it. For example, a lot of people "believe" in God, but don't go to church.
  12. You could go to Taco Time and get fast food in compostable packaging.
  13. and i thought this was going to be a good day. OMG the sky is falling.
  14. Freestoneangler,

    No, I'm saying that people for whom recycling is a priority either don't patronize MckDonald's at all or at least not very much. There is a distinction between that and what you asked if I was saying. I think the sheer numbers of people who do patronize McDonald's is strong evidence that the customer base prioritizes cheap food over both good food and recycling.

  15. Wow, that is one broad brush your painting with.
  16. Don't go to McDonald's. I have not been in over 10 years. I'm not missing a thing.

    Samo pretty much nailed it. If cheap and convenient is what you want go to McDonalds. If you care about sustainability or health get a CSA share and buy you beef locally.

    Go Sox,
  17. Same brush you use to paint the members of this board. What's the matter? No one but your sorry ass can generalize?
  18. Ever see a garbage truck at Mcds?

    I'm pretty sure the stuff gets recycled. All of it. At night, the stuff goes into a big grinder in the back. The paste then gets some different additives added to it then where it then eventually goes through an extruder. One for bags, another for cups and trays, a bit of flavoring and a colour change and you get a burger, milkshake, apple pie etc etc. Its all good...
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  19. Good point Ral, it very well could be turned into some green slime.

    Go sox,

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