NFR McGinn asks Seattle retailers for voluntary gun control

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Tool Fly, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. "Concealed carry" = What other people can't see or know about can't hurt them. Just my .02
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  2. I don't let any strangers in my home, regardless of whether or not they are armed.

    I'd like to thank you for jumping into this discussion. It shows that you are an open minded person.

    I wear a seat belt everytime I am in a vehicle. Without fail. The odds of getting in an accident are incredibly slim. But wouldn't I be crazy for not buckling up anyway? I apply the same logic when I leave my house. There are dangerous people in the world. I won't rely on others to keep me and my family safe. That's why I carry.

    Thanks again for jumping into this with an open mind.

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  3. Didn't McGinn take an oath of office where he swore to uphold the laws of the US and the state of Washington? Not subvert them.
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  4. I guess this is one of the differences with the way I think and some of you think. I don't go out thinking about the raping and pillaging going on in the city, or that it is unsafe or I need a firearm to protect against the government. Maybe in the middle east or Asia I would be inclined to carry a firearm or feel I need to... but I don't feel that way in Canada or do I feel that way visiting my friends to the south. In fact I feel very safe going out in the city and would think the chances of getting into an accident going to and from the city are higher than are violent acts against me are but I still drive. I liken this to all changes whether successful or not. If a change is proposed there great upheaval on both sides of the debate ie. seatbelt laws, drunk driving laws, gun registry laws. Some of these changes are great and some not so great and get changed back. The point is the success or failure is only determined by trying and success or failure is only an opinion of the person making it. Having said all that if you want to create a stir in Canada start talking about changes to medical services or Canada Pension Plan. Suggesting drastic changes to those are political suicide, gentle subtle changes maybe not. It's the differences between our country's but they are still the best to live in... in my opinion.
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  5. So, can I assume there is no corruption or hypocrisy in Canadian government...? Can I assume there is no crime in Canada? Can I assume that all Canadians feel safe and secure from any threats, except maybe a reduction in socialized medical care or CPP? And do you have a Constitution or Bill of Rights, or is everything provided for you by the benevolent government...?

    Or maybe you all smoke a lot of BC Bud...:D
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  6. It's clear you've never taken a drive into South Sacramento, Compton, East L.A., most of Stockton, Hunter's Point in San Francisco, or most of Oakland just to name a few. Our problem is our catch&release "justice" system, which is more concerned with the perp's rights than those of the victims. And for the record, those cities which have the most stringent gun control also have the worst crime rates. Chicago and Washington DC come to mind. Why is that? I don't go to cities if I don't have to because I don't care for crowds and noise, but when I do, I don't take a stroll down the sidewalk with my head up my ass. It's not hard to spot people who we'd be better off without.

  7. You can assume what you wish Roper, I have not said there is no corruption or crime or hypocrisy. I would say that imo most Canadians feel safe enough not to have the need to carry firearms to church or to starbucks or to protect ourselves from our government. We have alot of the same concerns as you do ie. terrorists, murderers, and bad apples in general the difference is how we deal with it. I am not saying I'm right your wrong I am trying to create dialoque to better understand your point of view. Medical care for all is very important to Canadians as it is for alot of countries as is CPP. And yes we have a Constitution Act which has our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I don''t think everyone smokes the bud, but there sure is alot that do.

    Alex you are right I haven't been to some of those areas but there are dodgy areas in Canada as well. Does that mean I won't visit your beautiful country because of some dodgy areas... certainly not, I won't go to those areas whether I had a gun or not. I don't walk down the street with my head up my ass but I don't go down the street in Jesse James mode either. I go down the street aware of whats around me and enjoying the beauty.
  8. Gofish, my comment was tongue in cheek...I already knew the answers.

    There are many different levels of concern among Americans. Not everyone is packing, no where near that at all. What you most often hear from is the outer fringes of both sides, gunners and anti's. The middle of the population goes about their day to day existence only reading about the issue, few experience it. I'm glad that Canada works for you, me not so much, but that's another story.

    BTW, Jesse James may be famous but he was not a good guy...;) Good thing not to act like him, he was a thief and an outlaw.
  9. Can we at least agree on holster color, inside or outside, cross-reach, leather or plastic?
  10. single action revolver=leather, outside, cross draw in tan, 1911=outside, leather, yaqui slide in black...IMHFO
  11. Another pop-in from up in Canada. Its always so interesting as gofish has noted the difference in safety mentality from one state to the province next door....the thought of carrying a gun around town seems like such an alien concept. Don't forget, downtown vancouver (east hastings area) has some dodgy areas that would rival many in the US, thankfully very few people in these areas have guns - makes life a little easier, but even still, i have never in my life had the thought 'i wish i had a gun'.

    Earlier someone mentioned that the right to carry a gun is enshrined in the 2nd amendment and that now it is a civil right that should stay that way in perpetuity. That argument doesn't really make sense.....just because it was a necessity 100yrs ago does not logically transfer to today. Life changes, we evolve, cultures change. I mean, 100yrs ago is was legal to kill a black man......or beat your wife, obviously our culture has made some bad laws in the past. Do you guys/gals ever see a time when it would be a good thing for gun laws to change?
  12. Good ? Jonnytutu,
    ? Where did you come up with that handle? never mind.
    I do see a time when Gun laws should change.
    I believe firearm safety and training should be mandatory starting with per preschoolers and that training should have started yesterday.
    Again, just my .02
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  13. Jonny, with or without the tutu, I'm so glad you Canadians have such an evolved civilization up there. Obviously the two posts by Canadians so far are in favor of gun control. Keeping an eye on your laws I'm not sure why the registration of non-restriced firearms would be removed (2012) if you all thought it was such a good idea. Obviously, some one disagreed with that idea. I'd like to hear from the other side of the house...

    BTW, do you own a gun? Do you hunt? Do you enjoy sport shooting, trap, targets, etc.? Or do you just like to lecture Americans on how to evolve?

    Never mind, I just checked you posting history, 2 out of 8 are anti-gun. So, go stuff it...
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  14. McGinn generally is a dipshit. I admire his scrappiness at times but he's pretty ineffective. And this gun free zone stunt is a joke. I'm sure if Cafe Racer had only had one of these posters up in their window, Ian Stawicki would not have shot all those people a year or so ago.:rolleyes: I personally would be kind of surprised if this gets a ton of traction in the business community. I will probably be voting against McGinn mostly because I'm tired of his war on the automobile. I am virtually certain Murray is not going to be much better - just bad in a different way. Please don't hate on all Seattle-ites though. Like almost any other place, most people who live here are moderate - maybe left-leaning, but not wild-eyed crazies. The problem is similar to what you see on the other end of the spectrum in other locales - it's the crazies that are the most active and thus deliver us "no win" choices in terms of candidates. I've lived here 20 years and my only choice when voting for my U.S. Congress representative is either Baghdad Jim McDermott or a write-in candidate. I know I'm not going to change any of the Seattle-haters' minds, but this is actually a very pleasant place to live. Many of you make it out to be Beirut. I find that pretty amusing. You ought to spend a little time here. Just avoid Third and Pike downtown - stay on your toes in Pioneer Square - and all will be well. ;)
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  15. I am not entirely sold on gun control but something between what you have and what we have... it's an evolving thought process. This is why I get involved in some of these conversations to try and fugure out if there is an in between. I don't have any problems with concelled gun permits, but do have a problem when there is such a push against gun free zones. I have no problem with gun shows and purchases, but do have a problem with guns being sold on the internet to strangers. So what I feel is, it's a little loosey goosey in your country and wouldn't want to see that in Canada. As I get older and things are getting crazier in society maybe there is some room for change, but what type of changes and are we going to open a can of worms are the questions on my mind.
  16. Thanks for sharing. This is America, not Canada (and don't get me wrong, I like Canada and its people very much). But, personally I'm not looking for something between what you have and what we have...our constitutional rights are not open for debate..they are what defines America. I strongly suspect the populous in your Providences given the option to have our 2nd Amendment right, and w/o any fear of reprisal, would do so.
  17. What makes you think you can buy a gun on the internet without it being shipped to a Federal Firearms licensee for a legal transfer? There are controls in place. Those who steal guns or provide "straw man" purchases are breaking the law. That's a problem. Registration is not an answer as is practiced in Canada. Criminals will not register a gun they stole...obviously.

    Whether Canadians like it or not, the right to keep and bear arms in America is just that, a right. Legal concealed or open carry is just that, legal.

    There is a reason I will no longer visit Canada. If you don't like what we Americans do legally, you need not visit here either. Would you like it if I lectured Canadians about tar sand oil and shipping that crap across the Ogalalla aquifer? Please don't weigh in gun control down here...

    BTW, none of this response is in anger, simply factual. Nothing personal.
  18. I was responding to what Roper said about me being in favour of gun control. My response was what I would like to see happen in Canada. I do apologize for any confusion I may have caused.

  19. Sounds personal to me. Asking members not to weigh in. That out of the way I agree with you about that Alberta crap and I am embarrassed by the way my country is acting on this issue. I also agree with registration not being the answer and voted in favour of getting rid of it.I have not said I don't like what americans do legally. This is why I stated in my first post on this topic "I am hesitant to chime in".
  20. Criminals are the wild card. I favor gun safety and training courses but not actual rights infringement. I want to know the others capable of unholsteri g a weapon be skilled practitioners of that capability. Clearly not a cut and dry topic with the varied gun free zones we must observe. Gun control the way it has always been presented suppresses rights of honest folks and fails miserably to address the criminal element. This is the wrong approach.
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